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HG Safari

In a few weeks, I'll begin booking the Fall Safari season. The emphasis is as usual on going to new places, and the occasional older favorite. Are you interested in hosting a visit? Please DM me directly, Do you know someone whose sim would be a good destination? Please invite the sim owner to DM me.

YaY HG Safari has its grand finale for the season this coming Wednesday. We visit a fab region on neverworld 'Wild Kingdom' and then round off the event with some dancing and eeping on pangea


so guys, Safari is on a break for about 6 weeks, we come back at the end of April. Thanks for all your support!

Reminder - do you or someone you know want to have the Safari come visit in Season 2? (end April - early June)
There are only a couple of spots still available. so send Thirza a DM as soon as possible

A post about a beautiful region on @Kashi_Takeshi 's grid, by Shenn Tao.

This week, Inworld Review was a retrospective of the Fall Season of HG Safari, with our guest Nara Malone.
Revisit the destinations, learn which were the most successful and which were more of a challenge to the Safaristas as they crushed the Hyperverse, one sim at a time.

Jupiter Rowland: To paraphrase what I've said elsewhere: I dare Meta Horizons, Decentraland & Co. to try and look like this. 10 months ago
Three new posts on the Safari blog, talking about shopping, a monastery, and a German language forum for opensim...
Thanks to @Poppy_Fields Bogus Curry and @Christi fun with the frenchies of Atlas Grid!

Stunning Club Escotia. Take the guided tour with @Webby Merlin, together with @midnightrain on a magical visit to the beautiful AMV region.

An AMAZING Star Wars build, already beautiful but just getting started = thanks to @MikeLorrey for hosting us and giving us so much info

Just 5 more Safari trips this season, then the Safari returns in September, after the summer break.

Feasting on Lofoten - it has all the mod cons! Thanks @Soabad and @SIWAS for letting us visit.

Feasting on Lofoten - it has all the mod cons! Thanks @Soabad and @SIWAS for letting us visit.

fun at Art Box with @Frankie Rockett .... who knew @lunalunaria was that tall!

Great fun yesterday on Bink's The Good Place build

new Safari season begins today at 12 noonSLT with two sci fi destainations. There are some star trek baked uniforms available at the clubhouse, if you want to dress up, or wear/make something of your own to celebrate First Contact Day!

great show with Nico Kaliani yesterday on Inworld Review. plus a roundup of the last safari trip...

if you want to check out the story of yesterday's Corny Safari, here are the links! please share, comment, and follow the blog if you so desire!
big thanks to Nyx, Whirli, and Cite for making us so welcome

upcoming safari is Cornflakes! If you want an outfit, there are a bunch of complete avatars, dresses etc on HG Safari sim on osgrid.

Jupiter Rowland: If you want to make your own outfit, there's a box of Cornflakes textures somewhere on Needful Things. 1 years ago

Nyx Breen was on the Inworld Review show last Sunday, take a look if you like Big Art. He's a fun guy !

Loru Destiny, Stormy Scorpio and Moses Rae talking about their creations on artdestiny grid this week on the Inworld Review.
Want to be on the show?
Have someone you would like to nominate to be on the show?
We're currently booking for March-April May, so send me a DM !

Jupiter Rowland: Ah yes, Loru mentioned that to me yesterday. 2 years ago

Yay there is a Chat button now in the Group page!

Rage Darkstone on the Inworld Review this week!

This week's Inworld Review
with Ellen and Ernie!

Finall got to Novale for the winter build. Then I had to ruin it all by touching Rudolph's nose...
PS the bad santa omg

How do you deal with someone who creates drama in Opensim

  • I engage them in conversation - they are usually lonely or upset and just need to chat
  • Instant mute/ban, I don't need the hassle, and Opensim is a big place, we can avoid each other!
  • Misunderstandings can happen. I give them a few chances, but when it becomes clear they are drama junkies, I ghost them
  • Have a big fight with them! It's fun, and sometimes it clears the air.
  • I never met anyone who creates drama in Opensim.
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congrats and thanks to everyone who participated in the OSCC safari event! While we were grid jumping, a 'safari' video was being broadcast. The bit about the safari event begins here:
If you didn't get the souvenir gift, your own personal Ivory Tower, it's still available in front of the Artist's Biographies on
Note: the OSCC video looks a bit pixellated - try Mal's version of the video here -

Oubliet: OoOOOoo...I need to go back and pick up the gift! 2 years ago
No Safari this week, but on the Inworld Review we put some news of events around opensim and there was a good conversation with Undecal Masala. Do you or your friends have upcoming events, openings, news that you want to share? Send me a poster and a bit of description, and we will include you in the hg happenings at the start of the show
Star Ravenhurst on the Inworld Review, plus news from around opensim and a roundup of safarying.
Do you have an upcoming event you want us to feature? The show is recorded on Sundays, so send me a poster and some details by Saturday evening.
Would you like to be a guest on the show, or do you know someone you think we should have as a guest? Drop me a DM and I'll pass on the suggestion.

Next week Nov 16 is the final trip of this season. But please come again on Nov 23 if you can, we will be having a special event - filmed for the OSCC. Hope you can join us!

HG Safari
Hypergrid Safari
A hypergrid tour group. Weekly trips to meet people and see places in Opensim.
We party, learn, network, and crash unsuspecting grids.
Clubhouse is at Safari
28 members
Created 2 years ago by Thirza Ember

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Jupiter Rowland 10 months ago
To paraphrase what I've said elsewhere: I dare Meta Horizons, Decentraland & Co. to try and look like this.
Jupiter Rowland 1 years ago
If you want to make your own outfit, there's a box of Cornflakes textures somewhere on Needful Things.
Thirza Ember 1 years ago
she was really great! I learnt a lot about artdestiny
Jupiter Rowland 2 years ago
Ah yes, Loru mentioned that to me yesterday.
Nico Kalani 2 years ago
Why is there no option for "all of the above? However, it seems I can vote without picking any of the options. Interesting.
Thirza Ember 2 years ago
LOL - everyone is so loving and reasonable -