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Art Box 2 Box 2 0 Users
A continuation of the extensive Art Box virtual art gallery where you become part of the art!
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Art Box 1 Box 1 0 Users
Art Box - the virtual gallery where you get to star in famous artworks, paintings and photographs, all lovingly recreated in 3D, meaning you can pose in the art work and take your own photo, in your own style. So you become both the art - and the artist!
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One Tiny Step for an Avatar...
Where: Art Box 1
When: 1 years ago [20 Jul 2019 16:30 SLT]

What better way to mark the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing in OSGrid than to visit the Moon Landing recreation at Art Box and see your avatar stand in that famous footprint. Free spacesuit supplied. Take the ultimate selfie. No Hasselblad required.

* Photography Competition Winner *
Where: Art Box 1
When: 2 years ago [10 Jul 2019 23:43 SLT]

Following on from the recent 7 day Photo Contest at Art Box, we are delighted to announce the winner! And the winner is...
Roffello Kisses!
whose take on the Pink Floyd cover art for 'A Momentary lapse of Reason' was judged the best submission of the week. Congratulations Roffello! Note we cannot contact you directly due to the HG not carrying IM's from grid to grid, so we hope you see this announcement instead. The Art Box Gallery (@ Art Box 2) is now open with visitors creations on permanent display.

* Photography Competition *
Where: Art Box 1
When: 2 years ago [1 Jul 2019 12:00 SLT]

Are you a talented virtual world photographer? Do you want more exposure for your work?
Art Box is holding a photo competition from 1st - 7th July 2019.
The challenge: visit the sim and find one of the sets that appeals to you, and posing your avatar in it, in any outfit (or none!), using any camera angle you choose, create the most amazing shot possible. It's that simple! Note: mazimum of 2 shots entred only please, sent to myself or Leon Hitman by 8th July 2019. Winner lands a PERMANANT public display

Photo Competition for Everyone!!
There's a photo competition at Art Box (1 and 2). Looking for your best snaps, with or without Photoshop enhancement, based on the immersive art gallery that is Art Box. You dress up, you pose, you snap, you send the photo(s) to me Frankie Rockett (or the owner of the region if you can't remember my name for 5 minutes ha!) and the best six get featured in the Art Box Gallery (center of Art Box 2) for one year with your name attribution too. So - what are you waiting for? Virtual world fame awaits! Hypergrid to - Box 1

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(Photo: One of last year's entries taken using Art Box sets).
Art Box Photo Contest!
Where: Art Box 2
When: 2 years ago [19 Oct 2018 00:00 SLT]

Starting today, and running for 3 weeks, the best photos taken at Art Box are eligible for inclusion in the Gallery of greats (center of this region) for 12 months, fully credited to you, the creator. Seven prizes / slots available. Either post your entry on Flickr at or send them directly to Frankie Rockett at OSGrid. - So get creative, & get shooting!