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ZZ is now available for special events! A wedding, a performance, an exhibition, or something like that. Contact amsterdam Bingyi in Osgrid, or send an email to:

New! Perching macaw with folding wings

A new champ....roaming dragon
(oh, and. another sitting in the crystal cave,on a nest:) )

my "pièce de résistance ", so far: animated peacock with unfolding tail!

Peter: lol, thanks sweety! damm, thats been ages we had a chat:)) 4 months ago

Alltime fav of mine, the otter
a new animesh family, or, at least a start♫

Next....: Ma Unichorn....with baby, of course ;)

Updated Avi-eater, with goggling eyes

Justyn Tyme: Is he/she up for grabs? 6 months ago

A new star....with a baby:)


Apollo_Star: That looks Awesome ! 6 months ago

Or.....stars, maybe?

Irusu Hikikomori: Beautiful picture, very creative! 7 months ago

Upgraded sky with EEP, new clouds,rainbow,planets,milkyway

sharanncousine: greetings peter 7 months ago


Preparations done:moms and cub, and their den under the tree. Soon I'll have her and 4 or 5 kids animated

Thought I'd add some light:)

Ballroom now bumped and shiny

this might be my final Aurora Borealis.....after a decade of fiddling:)
It looks kinda vague on the pic....u need see it in action inworld, see my Picks

Mr. ZweetZ....he was my first animal, I bought in SL,2007:)
Now my own critter and animated! This is a stationary version , Mrs. ZweetZ will be following shortly...I hope

my favorite spot..

demzel chat

Swananimated! him diving, her looking at her offspring:)

A new level....animated mesh! The first creatures are in the sim already, I'll be busy making animations for them over the next months, or longer:)

Optimized stream, now with shiny and bumpmapping

renewed Sarracenia, this time, the Leucophylla

and, a fresh Nepenthes

Venus Flytrap.....been on my list for a long time:)

the new castle entrance

the not-all new crystal cave:)

The new volcano, covering almost 3 sims, created with L3DT


yet another tedious job..:)

A special racetrack for speedboat and jetski is terraformed.
Race anytime and get on the scoreboard!

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LoriFairy As soon as you arrive in Zweet ZurroundingZ you know you've found something different. You'll be drawn down a path that leads past waterfalls so real you can feel the mist. As you stroll along under a canopy of tree tops and jungle roots hanging from the air, you'll encounter tree high ferns adorned...
Frank Hurt This 9x9 sim is unlike any other I've visited, either in Open Sim or Second Life. I spent a couple hours here and feel like I've only just scratched the surface. SO MANY DETAILS! The mesh appears to be all-original and extremely well thought out. While I was there, I had the privilege of visiting th...
Bebe Magnificent, breath taken place you must go and enjoy each second

Region Comments

iekocatnap 1 month ago
Very peacefull land, just like a nice dream !
Peter 10 months ago
ZZ is now available for special events! A wedding, a performance, an exhibition, or something like that. Contact amsterdam Bingyi in Osgrid, or send an email to:
Endamist 11 months ago
very nicely done. I enjoyed visiting your sim and it was also nice chatting with you.
RonjaBloch 1 years ago
Sehr schön gestaltet :)
Peter 1 years ago
danke ronja:)...ich hatte dich begrüsst als du im sim warst, vielleicht nicht gesehen..
Peter 1 years ago
March '21: ZZ is now filled with animated animals: swans,deer owl,snake,squirrels, bunnies, bull elk, pheasants, jaguar,heron,butterflies....and more. U can spot em all in the centre forest! More species under construction as well as making those labour-intense anims for them :)
Creenia 2 years ago
Love the new changes. The new flora is spectacular ;)
TIGGS Beaumont 2 years ago
Truly one of the most creatively beautiful regions in OSG. It is a must to visit often and enjoy. A masterpiece of texturing and placement....TIGGS