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Welcome to GridLife
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Free House Market I
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Super Freebie Region
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Rakis Heron 7 hours ago
Nice sexy the long black hair too so as a Pinay ;-)
Johnny yesterday
I got the message too late, but I did go see it that day, and GRATS for gettin it goin on! :)
Aqua Tranquility yesterday
Thank you I got it and loooove it :)
Marianna Monentes yesterday
That looks just beautiful on you :)
Betty yesterday
A great choker from Marianna on a beautiful neck ♥
Antonia Ling yesterday
I love it!

Friends Of Middle Earth

This group is for those of us who are avid Lord of The Rings fans and support it through our Virtual works. Wether you are a grid owner, a region owner, a content creator, or a LOTR loving fan, we welcome you to join us and visit some of the places and friends in this group. Orcs welcome too.

We are about to embark on our closed grid beta. This includes melee combat, well as magick. Interested parties should contact someone through the Metaverselife Events group on the Metaverselife Grid

I curious as to what extent people enjoy roleplaying in a LOTR environment these days, and if so, what aer your favorite RP themes?