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A better alternative to Mixxx, winamp, & Butt. If you want to play music in dreamgrid, this is the way to go. I use XMPlay to play the mp3's. You just put a bunch of music in a folder, then in XMPlay select the folder, click the repeat button and you are done. XMPlay is very very very tiny and uses very few cpu resources, unlike mixxx and winamp and others. You may notice in the back of XMPlay im using an encoder, it's called AltaCast. AltaCast picks up the sound from XMPlay and sends it right on over to iceCast which is built into the dreamgrid package. AltaCast however, is another free download, again it is very tiny and uses very little cpu.
In my opinion, you want fast tiny programs, b/c it leaves more cpu for running sims, and frees up a lot more ram which is what avatars visiting your grid need. So with this simple combination it's a win win. It works perfect and is flawless, i never have to restart it or have any problems out of it, and i've been using it 24/7/365. I love it.