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We do not have any grid banned! we are hosted by DIGI WORLDZ and must abide by the TOS verification rules. Follow the instruction and key it in correctly and you will get in with no problem. >>>>Here's a link to give to your users:
From there, they can choose if they are a local user, or, if they are a hyper grid user, and then fill in the correct page reminder do not to put in http:// or a slash on the end /
of the login URL. Choose the right option. Have a good day!
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Pink Myst 11 days ago
I'm sure your place is wonderful but I do not want to have to alter my avi just to visit it tells me my outfit is to complicated for you place but good luck to you and yours
Copper 11 days ago
Digi never understood..and obviously never understand the EU GPDR with such nonsense to verify. Its sad you belong to them and so are under their..lets say... weirdo TOS to acknowledge. Any web site colects this infos. Its just nonsense to have that TOS acknowledges. Wise grids e.g. have a NC giver to inform ppl.
SheaButter 11 days ago
Wow take all your info, just to visit. Nothing here, that you can't find anywhere. Your picture is the best thing. Guess that is what entices, one to wanna visit.
Hyacinth 11 days ago
The TOS doesn't bother me. I was upset that the picture was false advertising. I wanna hang out with those chicks. lol
Jupiter Rowland 11 days ago
I wonder why so many sim owners can't be bothered to post in-world pictures of their sims.

Is it because the sim was hastily cobbled together in one afternoon with as little effort as possible, and the sim owner can't be bothered to polish it?

Is it because it was modified from an OAR that we've seen a hundred times? And visitors shall be tricked into believing that they can expect a downright spectacular original build?

Is it deliberate false advertising, tying in with a description that's filled with popular keywords ("free shop store mall freebies athena bom sex bdsm rlv") which mostly haven't got anything to do with the actual sim?

Or is it because the sim owners don't know a single way of taking in-world pictures other than taking a photograph of their computer screen with their phone, and even then they don't know how to get the picture from their phone onto OSW?
SheaButter 11 days ago
Oh wasn't upset. Ya pic sends a deff different vibe.
DavidBarjesse 11 days ago
Most of it is the Clutterfly stuff and the rest is pretty much available on many other regions and grids, but I commend them for the attempt and I was able to go there with no issues. The thing is, if you don't like their policies, then just don't go there, there is no need to make it a bigger issue than it is. Many grids require people to apply before entry, I've encountered several and it's really not the end of the world...yet.
SheaButter 11 days ago
Actually this is my first time, having to give such info. I travel around daily. Been playing for 8 years. Not making it an issue, is just a comment, on my experience. The build is very good, and well organized.
Malani Baller 13 days ago
Hello JoshBoam we are around we just living our lives all is well thanks.
JoshBoam 13 days ago
WOW BallerNation! It is very very good to see you still around!.. Very Cool!!!!! I remember when you guys first came to OS! .. I hope you and all on staff are doing well!!