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Shopping free , Clothes, Male , Female, MESH - BoM Area, Accessoires, Skins, Shapes, Tattoos, Hair, Fashion, BOM, Fashion, HG, Freya Bom, Athena Bom & more

We do not have any grid banned! we are hosted by DIGI WORLDZ and must abide by the TOS verification rules. Follow the instruction and key it in correctly and you will get in with no problem. >>>>Here's a link to give to your users:
From there, they can choose if they are a local user, or, if they are a hyper grid user, and then fill in the correct page reminder do not to put in http:// or a slash on the end /
of the login URL. Choose the right option. Have a good day!

Pink Myst: I'm sure your place is wonderful but I do not want to have to alter my avi just to visit it tells me my outfit is to complicated for you place but good luck to you and yours 11 days ago

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Malani Baller All you all hollering about TOS kills me mean while my avatar from OSGRID has no problem getting in. Now, why is that? Open Sim kills me lol anyways Baller is hosted by DIGI Worlds if they say we have TOS that's what we have sorry it's not working for some of you. But it works for most. You must ver...
LaviaLavine This place has a lot of clutterfly stuff and some very very nice things. I give it 2 thumbs up, but that's because my big toes aren't thumbs :p
DavidBarjesse Had no trouble whatsoever getting here and so far it looks pretty awesome to me.

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