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Shopping free, Clothes, Male, Female, MESH - BoM Area, We have a new Yensheka BBL Bom Body! Accessories, Skins, Shapes, Tattoos, Hair, Fashion, BOM, Fashion, HG, Freya Bom, Athena Bom & more

Hello guys server is down as soon as he done turning it on I will update you. Thanks and Happy Valentines Day ?

Curvy Ultimate Bom Body Available!
If you cant get in to grab it I am providing you with a url to osgrid were it is also available so please dont dm saying you cant get in simply use the world map and teleport here > hop://login.osgrid.org/Carpe%20Diem/178/40/3002 I have left out some clothing for it walk around near the decadance clothing and you will see it enjoy! Happy New Year!

We are back open server update is complete!

We have left you a new nail pack for Yensheka 15 more nail styles Coach Gucci etc. Come grab them enjoy!


New Fatal Kini Outfits 3 Colors Bom!

We have left those that have come for Yensheka a new nail pack for your hands , some more bom clothing and 1 new mesh fit come grab them.

If you try to travel in and get an error message that says the destination does not support your outfit it is firestorm! There is a bug you need to log in singularity and then travel it has nothing to do with the grid it is a bug. Use singularity you will get in. If you have to verify leave off the http:// or a slash on the end / Example >>> login.ballernation.us:8002 have a nice day
We do not have any grid banned! we are hosted by DIGI WORLDZ and must abide by the TOS verification rules. Follow the instruction and key it in correctly and you will get in with no problem. >>>>Here's a link to give to your users:
From there, they can choose if they are a local user, or, if they are a hyper grid user, and then fill in the correct page reminder do not to put in http:// or a slash on the end / Example >>> login.ballernation.us:8002
of the login URL. Choose the right option. Have a good day!

Pink Myst: I'm sure your place is wonderful but I do not want to have to alter my avi just to visit it tells me my outfit is to complicated for you place but good luck to you and yours 12 months ago

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Copper Another BS backdoor registration like digi? To accept any backdoor TOS? Thank you for decreasing HG tarvelling without any reason. Thats poor nonsense! And if that "hollers" the owner.. you chose that grid rofl. Terry has no idea about GPDR he so often hides behind..Have a good day lol
CyberGlo CyberStar What an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL PLACE! I LOVE IT HERE! Just perfect landscaping and many many items to find and to have for free because SHARING IS CARING, and THESE GUYS know how to SHARE baby! I walked around and was just overwhelmed with the beautiful layout and design, and the amount of time the...
Malani Baller All you hollering about TOS kills me mean while my avatar from OSGRID has no problem getting in. Now, why is that? If you don't want to follow the rules simply pick another grid it is very simple. Yelling won't make me change my rules it's my grid it's my business and it's my server I pay for quit ...