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A reconstruction of the early city of Jerusalem, later called The City of David. This build is done for the historical significance and architectural beauty of the great city that was and would again become the Capital of Israel.
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Overlooking King David's palace and the Tabernacle in the background. I hope you'll visit and enjoy this region which is an effort to acknowledge the beauty of the land of Israel and Jerusalem in the time of King David and the architecture. Such a beautiful culture. Perhaps we'll see you there. Shalom.
One of the more peaceful and calming regions I've known. This is a night scene of the road leading into Jerusalem. Here you get a taste of the simplicity and calm of the days of old. Stop by and enjoy a boat ride or a walk around. It's not finished yet but I'm working on it. :)
This is part that the 360 missed. I hope you'll visit and enjoy the build. Please refrain from commentaries concerning religion as this is "NOT" a religious build it is an historical build done to display the beauty of ancient builds of the era. Architecture is art. Religious bias, cancel culture, racism and hatred not welcome.
The City of Jerusalem, otherwise known as The City of David in the heart of The Promise Land welcomes you to visit and enjoy stepping back in time into a beautiful historical place of peace. Should you decide to there are homes for those who might enjoy living in a much more simple time in history. Either way, do come and visit we welcome you. Promise Land
To all those who feel the desperate desire to criticize my build based on religious idiology and not artistic creativity, please read the little attachment on this post and be aware, the next clown that does it will have their post deleted as well. I am NOT here to argue religion and I don't give a rat's ass what you do or don't believe. I'm here to create beauty based on a historical city described in the Bible that was built by probably the most famous King in history, I am not here to indoctrinate, convert or criticize so if that's your game, kindly play it elsewhere because I don't have time for your bullshit. My beliefs are mine based on 60 years of research and I don't care one inkling of a little bit if you agree or not so please keep your argumentative, judgemental, holier than thou posts to yourself and stay off my page.

JuliaAmly: Be you and do what you love...keep on creating what your dream is ... peace and love 11 months ago

The Throne room where court and council is held.

The gorgeous courtyard in the back lawn of the palace.

The courtyard entrance to the Palace.

The great towers and entrance gates to Jerusalem and the market area.

The great City of David circa 1010 BC. This is not Medieval, this is ancient and beautiful. Please take your time when you visit and walk around the city enjoying the peace and tranquility.

One of the trees used in the construction of the King's Palace was cedar, but not just any cedar, the great cedars of Lebanon, so beautiful.

As the new owner of The Promise Land, I would like to welcome one and all who wish to come and visit or live here in peace and role play is free style. Come, enjoy - Shalom

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