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Just love to explore and have fun!!

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Good people to have fun with!!

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Wat it Do!!

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Anything that catches my attention!!

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Mystery, True crimes, and so much more!!

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Rachels Citadel

Hi all I just wanted to say that I visited this location and it was amazing... Very well spread out, lots to see and explore, the shopping is great nice styles and was very well placed... tons of little hidden shops that I loved exploring for if you want to have fun and relax shopping please come and check it out!! :)

Trianon Complex

I have been to some amazing clubs in SL and Open sim, I love coming to the events here at Trianon for the simple fact that there is a combination of events. It does take loads of work to make a great place and have good friends and family to come and enjoy themselves. So if you looking for some good music and great entertainment then please stop by the Trianon Complex.

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