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There are actually 30 worlds totalling 486 1x1regions on my dying workstation (most for old friends) Not a traffic zone, or popular, but there if they need them. 100% free. lol I hope everyone is well. Have an awesome weekend! Prayers n love. Hugs n high 5's :)

(ADDED IN... lol) If it takes me a few days, or I miss a comment. PLEASE do not be offended. I live with severe chronic pain, and at times I miss things for a few... days? My everything body, and belongings seems to be falling apart at present. :o No worries though. Imma stubborn ole goat! haha! :D But there is 1 constant in this mess. I DO CARE. About everyone. Prayers n love, ALWAYS
Enjoy your weekend. hugs n high 5's :)

BTW? that isn't me. Not quite that old... yet. haha! :D

(added at noon today)meds were stolen. ripped from my hands, and dragged me through my yard on the edge of the road til I fell injured after I had just gotten them out of the mail? Was my pain meds, 4 more weeks of blinding pain... Cops refused to do a report, e ven though the car injured me... I can only say... hugs n high 5's :\