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What do the magic huds look like?
NOTE: you MUST have OSSL enabled in your sim.

Well depending on which magic hud you got they can be very different.

The witches hud has purple buttons that turn blue when you click them to cast a magic spell.

The vampires hud has red glassy buttons.

The fae hud has light green buttons.

Remember, to end all spells simply close the HUD menu button. This retracts all the buttons and ends all the spells. :)

Each hud has a part you have to wear as an attachment. The vampire hud requires the vampires magic ring to be on your finger to work, the witches hud requires you to wear the witches heart, and the fairy hud requires you to wear the fairies necklace.

Of course you may GOD MODE these and take the guts out and put the magic into any ring, necklace, or object you prefer.

These huds tend to work best for people that own a dream grid, or own their own region setup with npc support. I did go back as a special favor and make the vampire hud runnable on osgrid. Changing some of the original spells so they would work there.

Please note: If you go to my region, go with no scripts, and as plain an avatar as possible. This is because there is a device there now that will kick you if you are wearing too much stuff, if your avatar is too new, or too small. This device has become a necessary evil, due to a few talentless people who insist on editing the things I've made and destroying them so no one can get a copy. Currently they have found a way to delete textures inside my unlocked objects, and they can kill scripts. So if you get something that is not working, just ask me, and I'll give you a full working version. This also helps to let me know when the talentless jealous b/c they can't make anything, people, have been back to my sim damaging my creations.