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What is a metaverse? I believe it is a virtual universe, where anything can happen! A place of magic and fun and joy. Just like the real universe the metaverse has many planets (grids) and thanks to the wonderful and amazing work of Sir Fred Beckheusen, the creator of dreamgrid, now anyone can have their own entire planet!
There are currently well over 7,000 planets (grids) in the metaverse! It is more populated than we realize. People from other countries with their own customs, languages, and beliefs have set up their own worlds, for others to explore.
I believe this trend will continue and people will spread out farther than ever before creating their own unique places and leaving an indelible mark of their existence upon the virtual cosmos! A complete decentralization of power and authority. No longer subject to the laws of the lindens and secondLife. No one place having authority over all the others. Everyone is free to explore thousands of worlds and make new friends.
With that said, you may also make a few enemies, but it doesn't matter, even if you get banned from an entire world, there are many thousands more out there... I have been exploring worlds of people I never knew existed, meeting new people, and making new friends.
The metaverse is a new frontier, a decentralized place created for us, and there is room enough in it for everyone, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual preferences, disabilities, and other separatist categories.
Thanks to Fred's brilliant work, setting up a grid in windows is as easy as clicking a button, and filling out a few questions. If you would like to set up your own dreamgrid, or grid on linux and need any help, I will help you. Just find me and send me an IM.