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Nyx Breen has added new exhibits to Mind Odyssey art exhibit. When viewing the exhibits Nyx created you need to take the time to absorb and feel what he is trying to convey.  You feel the positive and negative forces in Forces of Motion; 6  Sided Singularities try to figure out how this illusion was created.  Waverly Walls is created blending beautiful hues of magenta and blue. He also added a piece that I created to the exhibit, explaining to me how he illuminated it to making it unrecognizable to me-the talent here will inspire you. Please come feel the experience. Odyssey
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CyberGlo CyberStar 2 days ago
These modern art exhibits are very inspiring especially to me in my design of magical huds. I was really impressed the work they put into them. Nyx's six sided singularities seem to tunnel off in a direction, but on flying at the tunnel i discovered it was a flat wall. An amazing trick of 3d represented in 2d. Each art exhibit on display holds something unique and special. Escape the matrix, or the airplane through the north carolina sign - they all convey a message to the viewer. Whether it is infinity and what lies beyond us, to our own incarceration inside reality, to the strange forces at work in the world. Here is the work of 4 geniuses on exhibit. I highly recommend you check them out in person, you won't be disappointed.
Marianna 2 days ago
Thank you for visiting Cy. Please consider joining us and presenting your magic!