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A wandering chunk of pixels that flickers in and out of existence

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I do some 3d modelling and like to chat. Real life stuff means I'm often absent for months at a time. I hate getting involved in drama, I come to virtual worlds to chill.

NOTE: I don't do online relationships/hookups.

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3D modelling, 2D illustration and design, web games, PC games

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Imagine blocking someone for not picking a side in petty drama... LOL.

Avatar Properties requests from Foundation Grid in personal region console?
Occasionally I am getting Json RPC requests from another grid to my own region on OSG- they fail, so I'm not terribly concerned, but wondering what causes that?
Is it a script on something in my inventory or that I'm wearing? Nothing is placed in the region. Since I host my region on my own machine, for security reasons I would like some context.

This is the full message (attached image as well)

(line1)-JsonRpc request 'avatar_properties_request' to http://grid.grid-foundation.ovh:8002 returned an error: {"code":--32600, "message":"no handler defined for avatar_properties_request"}

(line2) [LOGHTTP]: XML-RPC request 1039 'avatar_properties_request' to http://grid.grid-foundation.ovh:8002 FAILED: FaultCode=-32601, FaultMessage=Requested method [avatar_properties_request] not found

Again I just want to know what is being attempted here.
Thanks to anyone who can provide context.

So many new sims popping up recently, time to explore them all hehe

inverted colors
somehow i managed to invert the colors in my firestorm viewer... no idea what I did! Hoping it was a bug, restarted pc and reinstalled firestorm. Thought I was going crazy for a bit, that my region settings had orange water... sigh...

So... OSgrid has been down? Is it just me? I can't even get to the website. Super confused.

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Adachi Mall

Very impressive remodel! However, since it's so massive, it DESPERATELY needs a map or directory- the regular region map is incredibly slow for hypergrid users. I kept having to fly up and figure out where I had and hadn't been. Additionally, there are some weird invisible prims(?) blocking random parts in a few shops that made it a pain to walk from the left side of to the right, and a few items ...

Kling Farm

lovely set up with thought put into the design and not just laid out like a massive factory. Very pretty and great freebies!


Very well put together grid, friendly grid owner who greeted me when I joined. Also, it IS accessible from OSgrid, you need to put the link into the map and teleport from there.

Starfleet Astraios

Roleplay regions. seems a little inactive but still online- And playing Christmas music in May. As a second-gen trekkie, found it delightful to explore. Though the avatar assets are outdated/for the default avatar; the job they did on scripting and building is fantastic. Big fan of the teleporters and turbolift. Other trekkies in my household were pretty impressed too.

Script Magic

Magical region with a wonderful selection of scripts.

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Rogue's Rebels

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