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I do some 3d modelling and like to chat. Real life stuff means I'm often absent for months at a time. I hate getting involved in drama, I come to virtual worlds to chill.

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3D modelling, 2D illustration and design, web games, PC games

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little of everything

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I've more or less lost interest in OSG these days.
Mainly I have other responsibilities and hobbies now, and I'll hopefully be going back to school after a multi-year break (due to heath issues). I will miss everyone, but I just wanted to say that I appreciate the fun and memories that were made and I'll try to pop back in here and there to say hello even if I'm not really active.
Wishing everyone a great summer!

Happy Holidays everyone!
(bet you didn't expect to see a ghost this Christmas!)

you ever just MISTAKES????

So many new sims popping up recently, time to explore them all hehe

inverted colors
somehow i managed to invert the colors in my firestorm viewer... no idea what I did! Hoping it was a bug, restarted pc and reinstalled firestorm. Thought I was going crazy for a bit, that my region settings had orange water... sigh...

So... OSgrid has been down? Is it just me? I can't even get to the website. Super confused.

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A bit slow to load the first time but excellent resources for SatyrFarm players and a beautiful region!

Kling Farm

lovely set up with thought put into the design and not just laid out like a massive factory. Very pretty and great freebies!


Absolutely gorgeous build!!! Took a while to load but well worth it. Very interesting futuristic build with multi-level roads and buildings made it a delight to explore


its alright, but slow to load and many things are set to no copy, buy for $10 OS. So it needs some work.


Aaack is an old friend and an extremely talented 3D artist and I'm delighted to see him join OSW. All his products he made himself- no copybot, no turbosquid remixes: This is 100% organic free range mesh-y glory! I recommend checking the region out, many well made items ranging from mesh accessories and furniture to delightfully imaginative vehicles. There is sure to be something to catch your...

Script Magic

Magical region with a wonderful selection of scripts.

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