~OSgrid Friday Party~

Where: Event Plaza
When: 9 days ago [15 Jan 2021 08:00 SLT]

Weekend ! The Friday Party in OSgrid, with DJ Aussie DJ Quezar, DJ Verna, DJ Lanani, DJ Fearless, DJ Ladyjo, DJ Princess DJ Purr, and DJ Golbez playing a wide variety of music Join us @ Event Plaza to kick off your weekend ... !

***Lineup - Schedule*****
8am - 10am DJ Aussie
10am - 11am DJ LadyJo
11am - 12am DJ Q
12am- 2pm DJ LaNani
2pm - 4pm DJ Fearless
4pm - 6pm DJ Purr
6pm - 7pm DJ LadyJo
7pm - 8pm DJ Verna
8pm-9pm DJ Golbez
9pm - 10 pm DJ Aussie