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Ukraine? Well regardless of how you feel about whether or not russia or ukraine is in the right, here is why it is wrong for America.
1.) Making russia mad at the usa, ends oil trade, oil goes up, everything going to any store also goes up in price, as the cost of gas to get it their has gone up. Example: gas, groceries going through the roof, restaurant costs (big mac meal for $17.00 now)
2.) Biden and his cabinet are VERY short sighted with what is best for america AND the ukraine. By the usa sending taxpayer (poor people) money to the ukraine, it means everyones income tax refund is going to be $300 less this year, thus affeccting mostly the poor people of the USA. Also, if the usa had not got into this ukraine/russia war, then it would have already been over, with far less deaths of ukraine soldiers and russian soldiers. Thanks to the usa for dragging out the war forever - now there will be many many more times dead on each side.
3.) Russia was a super power and they have left over super power weapons. So whether or not the usa got involved in this money pit, the outcome is always going to be the same. Russia will win. It was a stupid investment of american money b/c the end result is always the same. Ukraine loses.
**** With that said, I feel bad that ukraine was attacked by communists, but it's not my fault, none of my business, and none of my money should go to pay for it. It is a very bad investment of the american peoples hard earned money. We have people in the usa, who spend 7 days a week, 12 hours a day standing on hard concrete floors running a machine doing production work, who are so tired they can barely stand up, but they keep going back doing the same thing every day for THEIR kids. They work so hard to take care of their families, not see our government give our tax refunds away to a useless money pit we can't win anyway.