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Wolf Mountain
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Please note this grid is over 3 years old, we had to reset our opensimworld membership 6 months ago.

Wolf Territories Grid has the largest land area of any OpenSim Grid. We have some incredible places for you to visit. All our regions are joined so you can travel by boat, plane, hang glider or that strange space ship you have in your inventory.

Come on over and try out our stargate system and Bobby our AI Robot

Working with our terrain generator on a massive test region 4096x4096, photo taken on an Asus Duo 2024 with 2 screens


Arcfury: That terrain looks great, but the sky also looks really good. It looks like you painted it, although trying to paint a "glow" is very difficult. 3 hours ago

Wolf Mountain

Marga: ? 19 hours ago

This is a screen shot from an Asus Duo 2024 Dual screen laptop with Singularity viewer stretched over it.

Yes folks, £5 regions are back at Wolf Territories Grid for a Limited Time. With Free terrain generator. Available in 1024x1024 to well whatever you like ( we have a 64x64)

Xenon Darrow: Best decision you could ever make, HG peeps. DO EEEET! 2 days ago

Maze terrain generated by Bobby's AI
Youtube Video https://youtu.be/NfvAJ-ouhec

Pagane: Typical of AI - the maze has no way out... 4 days ago

Bobby can now generate Photos, Terrains and much more
Youtube Video https://youtu.be/NfvAJ-ouhec

Passion Jumanji: OH BOBBY! You are getting smarter & smarter as each day goes by! OH BOBBY! You melt my heart! ;) Keep up the good work, Bobby & Lone TOOOOOO! ;) 7 days ago

Mountains in the evening


Star Ravenhurst: Congratulations Mr. Wolf on all that you have accomplished and the well-deserved recognition. Three years isn't very long to achieve what you have done. Bravo! I suspect you have surrounded yourself w... 14 days ago

Lillysparks: Love the grass!! 22 days ago

Main Railroad Station at Wolf Territories Region ( a short walk from Wolf Mountain, okay maybe a long walk)

Aurora Starchild: Love it, great work on the material layers - love the light reflections! 28 days ago

Check out Lone Wolf's Wolf Territories Grid for the best Modern Virtual Land!
Yes folks! Come on down to Lone Wolf's today for some amazing offers, tools and fun!


we have created an airports database for Wolf Territories Grid, thought are at the moment some kind of navigation hud thingamabob, maybe auto flying planes between regions....

Wolf Mountain

We now have text-to-speech as well as speech-to-text in world.


Star Ravenhurst: That is awesome Mr. Wolf! After my gallery opening, I will be spending some time on your grid. I am looking forward to it! Good work! I need to go shopping for my avi! :) 1 month ago

Region control panel --- could only screen shot half of it.


We now have speech to text on Wolf Territories Grid. This is mainly for meetings and for our hard of hearing / deaf members.

https://youtu.be/gUPW1PmVHDM < demo video

Arielle: Is this Grid speech to text ability exclusively for Wolf Grid or do you intend to either share it freely or sell the capability for others? 1 month ago

Check out how Universities are using Wolf Territories Grid with Draxtor Depres.


Xenon Darrow: It was a great meeting! I am so excited! Ty for the opportunity, Lone! 1 month ago

New user boards at the Welcome Area

Another view from the welcome area

We've revamped our welcome area.

Ginger Snaps (Snips): Beautiful 1 month ago

Live streaming my desktop in world! Part of our new server infrastructure,


Passion Jumanji: This is GREAT! I'm so thankful so many new options are coming to Wolf Territories Grid! Thank You Lone! Such a great idea for both streaming movies, where we can have Movie Nights and what nots and li... 2 months ago

Wolf Grid Art Gallery at welcome with our new exhibit.

Luxor at Wolf Territories Grid

Aurora Starchild: Oh wow :O ...also...Aliiiiens... :P That looks like the Stargate version of Luxor with the mothership just landing 3 months ago

More updates to the welcome area

remodelled welcome mountain to make it more social

Mistressdalgato: cool! 4 months ago

Wolf territories grid now uses Discord for voice. https://youtu.be/e5Tr6ALc6oc?si=0pDBLz4cA2jAG1oE

New Local Region Teleporters, you can set them up in our web based control panel and just have them locally or share them with the grid on our destination guide/stargate system https://youtu.be/pCp4CQ1Rs2E https://www.wolf-grid.com

Lots of new users, lots of fun. Come on over! https://www.wolf-grid.com

Star Ravenhurst: Pretty Ad! 4 months ago
Another demo of tidal water, so this stream appears and disappears depending on the height of the tide. 99% of the regions on our grid use tidal water and there is a server that keeps them all in sync. You could have a castle with a tideal area around it that sometimes is under water and sometimes is not etc.
Tide in and out - this is an automated function at Wolf Territories grid you can turn on in the control panel. It takes about two and a half hours for the tide to go out and two and a half hours to come back in again. The grid makes sure all the water levels on all the regions are the same.


Crazyposeidon: if we implant a cool game engine the Cry or the unreal all become true not a dream any more 4 months ago
Region owners can now to have tidal regions, where the water level will go from 19.5 metres to 20.5 up and down. It's the same level across the grid so all regions water level will be consistent. Just turn on tidal in the control panel no need to reboot.
We added over 1200 second life sized regions last month. All our regions are joined together so you can sail or fly anywhere, lots of space to breathe! (source, hypergridbusiness). Most of the regions are 4x4s we've got 1 8x8 and about 3 12x12s - get yours https://www.wolf-grid.com/

NoraCola: Is there a way to learn about pricing of land before making an account, for comparison? 4 months ago


Through the grapevine (thanks Jimmy) I am hearing of a script that is going around destroying assets and killing grids. I think it's at least attacked 2 grids that I know of, one of which we managed to rescue.

If you have this set to true in your Robust.ini you are vulnerable to it I think. I'm guessing as I've not seen the script itself.

; Allow all assets to be remotely deleted.
; Only set this to true if you are operating a grid where you control all calls to the asset service
; (where a necessary condition is that you control all simulators) and you need this for admin purposes.
; If set to true, AllowRemoteDelete = true is required as well.
; Default is false.
AllowRemoteDeleteAllTypes = false

This is in your Robust.ini

I know I'll probably get shouted down - this is just a hunch that this is what is causing this issue.

ZoeyRavenheart: Thanks for posting this. We are setting up the new grid now and I will check these things before we go public. I feel like I'm going crazy trying to make sure everything is secured lol 4 months ago

Video Here > https://youtu.be/SvQbXV-UGKw

Luna Lunaria: Just some of the many, many reasons I love this grid. There are so many unique and wonderful things about being here :-) 5 months ago

Lone found a tent and now is having sleepy time. A tent in space on Europa region.

https://youtu.be/FsvwFdyx754 - Wolf Territories Grid Community Meeting Jan 2024

Control Panel Update Video with our new security scanner - https://youtu.be/fYT5GMlxWLQ

Jimmy Olsen: Does it detect fleas? lol 5 months ago

Need help with Wolf Territories Grid? Wolf Territories Peace Keepers are a volunteer group that can help with most things. Just hit search to find out who is online!

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RoddieMacchi I have been watching this grid for sometime and i truly believe this grid will be THE grid to be on in opensim. Even the tech behind it is beyond any other grid that I have seen. I was hesitant about even being in opensim again but this grid is truly remarkable. And Lone is exactly the perfect pers...
GMinteractive Resident I love it here with Lone Wolf. He is Very helpful when it comes to our REGION. I've met so many new friends on Wolf Grid and everything is finally working GREAT. Colorado Glasswing & I give a THUMBS-UP. We have found our final home!
Luna Lunaria Absolutely love this grid. It's been almost 2 years now and the owner just keeps adding fantastic new things

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