Wolf Mountain

Wolf Mountain
Wolf Territories
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the main welcome area for Wolf Territories Grid

Been working on some mesh rivers... on region WT Atlantic 01

Visit the Wolf Art Gallery at Wolf Mountain

ToniaKR: Really worth a visit and you could also meet Bobby there OpenAI ChatBot nearby! 2 days ago

Happy Christmas everyone!

Final design for Bobby and his charger for now - lost the Tesla logo. Added a nice shimmer of electricity. See him at wolf mountain ask him what you like, he's pretty good at scripting btw, and speaks a number of languages.

Bobby the AI robot at Europa Region - now with his new charger we "borrowed" from an electric car place.

Lone Wolf: Now with text to speech. 14 days ago

Bobby has had a makeover, you can talk to him at Welcome he is fully attached to chat gpt and knows all about the grid, just type bobby before you say anythhing.

Bobby Chat GPT powered AI Robot that can write LSL scripts. At our welcome now. Watch Video here.


AviVerseGrid: Come with me, my friend Lone, we will eat carbonara spaghetti. Trust me, they're delicious! 15 days ago
So Bobby our AI chat robot knows all about the grid (and everything else), he's connected to chat gpt. Come and ask some questions.


Start each sentence with bobby
e.g. bobby who is the coolest wolf?

So I settled pretty much on this but changing every 4 hours

Working on atmospherics.

A little ad I put together :-) Lone. BTW Now with faster database servers.

When your AI Bot joins you on the sofa.

AviVerseGrid: loooooool XD 20 days ago

Come and meet Bobby our AI chat bot - start the sentence with Bobby so you know you are talking to him.

Lone Wolf: Please try and be kind to him, I found him hiding behind a sign. 20 days ago

More 3d textures, find out how on my youtube channel it's pretty easy.

*VIDIEO* Wolf Territories Grid Events System. Note that this is for Wolf Territories Grid residnets.


TONIGHT AT THE SQUALL CLUB 8pm UK time 12 Midday Grid Time LIVE BAND Mandolin Monday will be playing!

How to produce 3d Textures on Prims.


IndigoQueen King: Pretty Neat Lone, thank you! 1 month ago

Blindside Estates Video https://youtu.be/1DQgQ9nClhM

Hugabug: Great video look forward to visit 1 month ago

New floor at Welcome

Wolf Territories Grid Radio LIVE from The amazing EUROPA region http://cast.wolfterritories.org:8000/stream < add to your land or view in browser

The club opening of Club Ryanna on the region with the same name!


GMinteractive Resident: I went today and had a great time dancing. Yes, I was "The COUNT" 1-2-3 and had fun. Wolf territories and now "Club Ryanna" has my dance card full. Thanks Again for a great day. 1 month ago

What's it like at Wolf Territories Grid? This. Find out why we are renting 1 or 2 regions every day...

Mal burns Interview with Wolf Territories Grid


Thirza Ember: Thanks for being such a gracious guest Lone! 2 months ago

Mal burns Interview with Wolf Territories Grid


Did you know Wolf Territories Grid has over 1600 km sq of ocean (26160 second life regions joined together), islands rivers and much more to visit. FREE BOATS at welcome include Lone's brand new boat.

VERY fast region crossings.


Our memorial region where we remember those who have passed.

Taking the "kitten" for a walk. I was told it was kitten when I bought it off a guy in a pub but it seems to be growing...

KrisTina: What's a few fleas between friends. 2 months ago

Grid update video https://youtu.be/IfRChUp3A7M - marketplace - WTGR Radio - and much more

Random terrain generated by our control panel terrain generator available free to region owners. Regions from $7 a month for a 1024x1024 with 7500 prims. https://www.wolf-grid.com/

The top 5 most busy regions are listed at Wolf Mountain now you can click to go to them so finding people to talk to is easy, if we have an event somewhere on the grid it will be at the top of this list! Note that the 1 user regions rotate so it changes all the time.
Go make some friends!

Mountains generated by our AI Terrain generator free for all region owners https://www.wolf-grid.com

MartyFeldman: I dont find it on the welcome place. 2 months ago

We have a number of radio stations on our Grid! Get your Free Player Radio at Wolf Mountain that automatically picks them up from the website.

Special offers in October! https://www.wolf-grid.com

Wolf Manor.

Mountains created by the Wolf Territories Grid web based terrain generator. Wolf Manor region

Come on over new WOLF ART GALLERY at welcome.

Simple mesh beach - www.wolf-grid.com

A wolf and his cat

Devmind: Awesome,sadly i made an account there,and can't find anyone for days,seems abandoned. 4 months ago

Wolf Manor region, terrain auto generated by the grid through the control panel, got the manor house from Kitley and a few bits from my inventory. Environment by the legendary Jimmy Olsen.

Chilling at Luxor

https://youtu.be/5uBiEfgg7Tg < Check this out if you want to see the latest viewer that is on the way! Being tested on our grid this weekend

Art Gallery at Wolf Territories Grid Wolf Mountain

New Land Pricing. :-)

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GMinteractive Resident I love it here with Lone Wolf. He is Very helpful when it comes to our REGION. I've met so many new friends on Wolf Grid and everything is finally working GREAT. Colorado Glasswing & I give a THUMBS-UP. We have found our final home!
Luna Lunaria Absolutely love this grid. It's been almost 2 years now and the owner just keeps adding fantastic new things
shallow waves ive been here since it started with lone and i have loved how its grown into an incredible grid, Lone is amazing and i love the people on here to and im excited to see how things develop especially wolf fest,

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