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The Hypergrid International Expo is a multi language conference for presentations, performances, art and music. Based on Craft Grid, it is a way for Opensim residents who aren't native English speakers to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, in their own languages.

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Hypergrid International Expo Auditorium
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Auditorium for the Hypergrid International Expo
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HIE 2024 is next weekend!
Event starts on Friday 19 April at 11am Grid time with 3 hours of great music and the chance to explore the Expo Booths!
Saturday and Sunday - talks and art performances in 4 different languages, with subtitles.
Learn, laugh, make new friends and find out more about our international community!
The Next Hypergrid International Expo is April 19-21. We are building our new program, and you're invited to participate in the Expo Park!
If you want to build a publicity booth for your grid, your region, or your project, come over to HIE Welcome and pick u a copy of the basic booth, to modify according to your needs. Please read the notecard inside the booth for full details, the deadline for Booths is March 15

Thirza Ember: To clarify - while the talks and art presentations at this event are not in English, but there are subtitles in English (and many other languages!), the Expo booths are available to all grids all lang... 2 months ago
On Saturday, the Hypergrid International Conference hosted more than 60 visitors who came to hear talks in German and Italian - with subtitles!
Lampithaler Artist and CapCat ragu performed spectacular art, and Marlon Wayne, Dings Digital, Lorenza Colicigno and Gianni Spada presented talks about life and creativity in Opensim! Read about the event here

Dorena Verne: Don't let any troll badmouth your great event. 6 months ago
Talks in French and talks in Spanish, and art shows by Tosha Tyran and Rage Darkstone... if you missed the Sunday part of the Hypergrid International Expo,
you can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/@hieexpo
and you can read about it here https://hieopensim.blogspot.com/
Want to take part in the next one, like LadyKa and Minord Loup, pictured here? Join the HIExpo group here in opensimworld, and leave a message.

Thanks to everyone who came to this year's HIE event ! you can read all about it here... https://hieopensim.blogspot.com

If you missed the event over this weekend, here's a taste of what happened when about 40 of us celebrated the start of the Hypergrid International Expo, with @ZoreeJupiter @Arianna1986 and @forestofazure
German and Italian talks and art performances by Lorenza Colicigno, Dings Digital, Lampithaler Artist, Gianni Spada, Marlon Wayne and Capcat Ragu yesterday at HIE... and much more happening today
If you missed the great shows and talks yesterday, check out the HIE youtube channel where you will be able to watch Live! ' even better if you come in person!
HIE the multi language opensim convention continues today starting at 9am SLT (6pm in Central Europe) Join us if you can!
If you missed the great shows and talks yesterday, check out the HIE youtube channel where you will be able to watch Live!
starting in about an hour, the Hypergrid International Expo! Come hear the talks, be amazed by the erperformances, and explore the expo in the park!
Jump to HIE Welcome, then use the portals to reach the 3 auditorium sims ... grab a table, take a seat, and enjoy!
The event website is here https://sites.google.com/view/hieopensim/home
HIE Starts today!
We have 3 musical guests to help us kick off this long weekend of languages...
Zoree Jupiter at 11am SLT, then DJArianna Nightfire at 12.00 and Forest Azure at 1pm SLT.
Arrive on HIE Welcome, join the Language Group so that tomorrow, you will be able to follow the subtitles,
and then jump through the portal to HIE 4 to enjoy the music!!
The event continues Saturday and Sunday from 9am SLT (6pm in Central Europe)
with talks in German, Italian, French and Spanish - plus some unforgettable art performances
For more, look at the website https://sites.google.com/view/hieopensim/home

HIE is next weekend... thanks to everyone who has been part of the planning of this event! Mostly still keeping our sanity...

The little publicity stalls are popping up all over the HIE regions, getting ready for the conference later this year. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, it is already starting to look like a party! For details of how to participate, read this short post: https://hieopensim.blogspot.com/2023/07/booth-fun-at-hie.h...
Preparations for HIE 2023 are well in hand! It's a chance for opensim residents whose first language is not English to tell their stories, share their experiences, demonstrate their art - all in their own languages. Simultaneous 'subtitles' will make it possible for everyone to follow the event - even English speakers! To learn more, follow the HIE blog https://hieopensim.blogspot.com/
Thanks to all the presenters who have already signed up!
The HIE team:
Mal Burns, James Atlloud, Kelso Uxlay, Tosha Tyran, Thirza Ember

Thirza Ember: with OSGrid birthday, OSFest, and then HIE, It's going to be a busy and fun filled few months 10 months ago

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HIE with Zoree Jupiter
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