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down to earth guy

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motorcycling, sailing, walking, SL and Open Sim, Cinema, Theatre...

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Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world...(Marilyn Monroe)
I´d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not (Kurt Cobain)

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Everything except Hard Rock

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to much to count...but a lot of movies from the 40,50,60s

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Always the newest Version of Firestorm

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It started as a build of a"Halloween2" sim but out came something way different and I still cant say where it ends. alarming, scaryfying, dystopian.Please use shared common windlight setting for this sim.
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Heavy Water
14 0 Water 0 Users
Nice futuristic sim with a lot of "People".
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Lionbeach was never away but not listed for a longer time. Are you shy, dont want to be surrounded by a crowd of people and dont feel comfy? Social phobia ? Perhaps this is the right place for you. Dance among a lot of funny artificial generated characters (Sky Tower) or the more sophisticated C...
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Birds Paradise
8 0 Paradise 0 Users
nice region for relaxing, exploring and a freebie building
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Exploring, adventure, winter, christmas, relax, fun, entertainment!
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Cockatiels Paradise
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Everything but Christmas. Party items, birthday, easter,valentine, St. Patricks Day..,a store with this and that items and a lot more!, freebie sim
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Christmas and winter sim. Exploring and freebie region.
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where good meets evil and in between. Autumn and Halloween decoration, exploring! This is a seasonal sim, means only open a short time in the year
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For the romantic moments in your life ..(If you find the right animations.. lol).... Feathered Nest!!!!

A lot more to explore. Enjoy the colorful scifiworld heavy water

Modifying is nearly done...Night over Heavy Water. Please use shared windlight for best performance..A futuristic sim with a lot of "people"

LeonSullivan: I didn't really love that old oar, too colorless and drab. But what you made of it is really worth seeing. If you like fantasy, you will love this one! Eyecatcher! 1 month ago

Hello.... Nothing special... I just want to wish you all a happy and relaxing weekend, stay healthy or get well soon again!

falene hawks: bravo good continuation 2 months ago

Night over Heavy Water

falene hawks: hello wouah is just wunderbach super bravo 2 months ago
It started as a build of a"Halloween2" sim but out came something way different and I still cant say where it ends. Frightening, alarming, , dystopian.
Please use shared common windlight setting for this experience.

Hope you will have a not such a scary easter than those 2 kids!
A peaceful easter to you all and hope you will find big eggs with your beloved ones!

Thirza Ember: Thomas you are a genius. Thanks for the laugh. 2 months ago

a little easter present..a cute easter basket with little chicks and fitting table!

Howdy folks.. I had several requests to open the sim for public your wish is my command.. Have fun-it is open again!

Waves..happy sunday to you all
Very important visit to the sim. A spaceship of the planetary union makes a short visit. On board a Kaylonian science officer..
Get it!

LeonSullivan: awesome picture 3 months ago

and dont forget.. March, 17 is St.Patricks day!

V.I.N.CENT and Old B.O.B....

Hello all.. I just want to inform you that Birds Paradise changed to a private sim. Some new items at cockatiels paradise...enjoy the week!

hello folks. I added 4 new people , to decorate your sim..greetings and happy weekend!
PS.. If you have trouble teleporting from your grid to my sim, please teleport first to LBSA Welcome and then to my sim. That should help..ty!!

The make over is done. The THIS AND THAT Building is now completly renovated. Perhaps have a look ?

Lone Wolf: Just wow, great job. 4 months ago
Hey.. It's time for a little early spring cleaning. The "This and that" building on the sim will be given a makeover. Most things are and have been exchanged. (Otherwise it gets boring!) Only the Animesh baby section remains.
Sorry for the mess. But will be fixed soon.
The picture shows the remaining toddler section with the animesh babies

Valentine´s day is not far away. Still time to find something nice for decorating your sim or find something nice for your beloved one(s)..

And don´t forget...
February 14th is Valentine's Day
Take a look around, perhaps you might find something great for your beloved ones or give yourself a present!

More characters had been added to the scene plus..for all butler lovers..the collectors edition! Mehr charakter wurden hinzugefügt und für alle Butler Liebhaber.. die Komplettedition!

Antonia Ling: Really cool stuff! 5 months ago
I wish you a happy new year.. and right at the beginning something brand new.
Also bored by the same NPCs that are on many sims? The same ones over and over, always and always again? And if you find new ones they are no copy?
Then let's bring a breath of fresh air to your sim. New NPCs are waiting for you. A new department on CockatielsParadise. Have fun!
ein frohes neues Jahr wünsche ich euch.. und direkt zu Anfang mal etwas neues.
Auch gelangweilt von den ewig gleichen NPC die auf vielen sims stehen? Immer und im mer wieder die Gleichen? Und wenn man mal neue findet sind sie nicht kopierbar.
Dann bringen wir mal frischen Wind auf deine Sim. Neue NPCs warten auf euch, damit ihr mal neu dekorieren könnt. Eine neue Abteilung auf Cockatiels Paradise. Habt spass!

Jamie Wright: These are FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing them:) 5 months ago

Grid is closed for some renovations!!!

That's the beauty of Christmas. Sometimes you don't know who's giving you presents!
Tomorrow I will be closing the seasonal sims Atmos and Xanten for the public again.
Thank you, thank you for your great interest, suggestions and nice comments. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your Thomas
Das ist das Schöne an Weihnachten. Manchmal weiss man nicht, wer dir Geschenke macht!
Morgen werde ich die saisonalen Sims Atmos und Xanten für die Öffentlichkeit wieder schliessen. Vielen Dank für das grosse Interesse. Ich wünsche Euch allen ein Frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.
Euer Thomas

RosemaryWoodhouse: Hello Thomas. Same to you. Some people confuse shy, reserved people with arrogance. You can't change them. Just stay as you are and don't change yourself to please others. Merry Christmas and all the ... 5 months ago

Back online! Have fun exploring!

AlexisCarrington: I missed this wonderful place 6 months ago
Halloween will be buried in a few hours. Autumnville is closing its doors for this year.
It was a very nice season with lots of fun, interesting people who had an adventurous spirit and weren't afraid to ask questions.
I also had the honor of announcing an Open Sim world premiere on Autumnville. (The Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters)
Thank you all for the kind words and also thank you for the constructive criticism.
I hope to see you all again next year.
Halloween sera enterré dans quelques heures. Autumnville ferme ses portes pour cette année.
Ce fut une très belle saison avec beaucoup de plaisir, des gens intéressants qui avaient un esprit aventureux et n'avaient pas peur de poser des questions.
J'ai également eu l'honneur d'annoncer une première mondiale Open Sim sur Autumnville.
Merci à tous pour vos aimables paroles et merci également pour vos critiques constructives.
J'espère tous vous revoir l'année prochaine.
Halloween será enterrado en unas pocas horas. Autumnville cierra sus puertas por este año.
Fue una temporada muy bonita con mucha diversión, gente interesante que tenía un espíritu aventurero y no tenía miedo de hacer preguntas.
También tuve el honor de anunciar un estreno mundial de Open Sim en Autumnville. (Las hermanas Hocus Pocus Sanderson)
Gracias a todos por las amables palabras y también gracias por las críticas constructivas.
Espero verlos a todos de nuevo el próximo año.

JillMunroe: You did really an amazing job. Loved it very much 7 months ago

We are open again after technical issues.. still time to get your autumn and halloween decorations

For my french guests: (google Translator)..
Bien-aimé. Beaucoup d'entre vous ont l'air perdu en se promenant sur ma "sim". Eh bien... Il y a des "cadeaux" partout dans la carte SIM, parfois ouverts, parfois cachés. Il y en a la plupart : à l'entrée, à l'arrière du vieux village, dans le château, dans la "boutique de magie", dans l'église, dans la maison à côté du cimetière et le tout comme région montagneuse. Étendez-vous également un peu partout dans la carte SIM. Amusez-vous et "Joyeux Halloween"

RosemaryWoodhouse: Perfect. Thanks for all the translations 8 months ago
google Translation for my spanish, italien a guests.Traducción de Google para mis invitados españoles e italianos.Traduzione di Google per gli invitati spagnoli e italiani.
Y ahora una traducción al español para los visitantes de mi sim, que siempre parecen un poco perdidos cuando visitan mi lugar.
El simulador está lleno de "obsequios". Algunos están ocultos, muchos también son visibles libremente. Hay 5 ranuras principales para estos artículos.
En la entrada, en la parte trasera del pueblo, en la "Tienda Mágica", en la iglesia, y por toda la cima de la montaña... Diviértete explorando el lugar. Espero que esta traducción te haya sido útil.
E ora una traduzione in italiano per i visitatori della mia sim, che sembrano sempre un po' smarriti quando vengono a casa mia.
La sim è piena di "omaggi", alcuni sono nascosti, molti sono anche liberamente visibili. Ci sono 5 slot principali per questi oggetti.
All'ingresso, nel retro del paese, nella "Negozio magico", nella chiesa, e in tutta la cima della montagna.. Divertiti ad esplorare il luogo. Spero che questa traduzione ti sia stata utile.

Now I know the meaning of "fingerfood"!

Hocus Pocus...THE SANDERSON SISTERS arrived at Autumnville and will put a spell on you!!!
Come and listen to their smash hit but take care not to get bewitched. (made by Kimm Starr)

LeonSullivan: stunning, I felt very well entertained. 8 months ago
And for all those who don't know what to do (dont come along) with Halloween, the Winter and Christmas sim is now open to the public again. for the 3rd time you can explore, shop and just have fun.
And for the ones who talk bad about the Sim and bitch about everything.....It was my first attempt to make something creative. I put my heart and soul into it and I love my baby. Not much new this year , but older things can also be fun and there is a lot!

AlexisCarrington: Do not let it get you. Your Sims reflect a lot of attention to detail. 8 months ago
Hello Folks. I had some teleport trouble on and to the sim. Ty for letting me know..but now everything is up working again. Have fun exploring! . And remember there are 5 Main places on the sim where you can overindulge your massive shopping.:
-Next to the landing point
- around the med.village (incl.castle)
-Inside the Magic Shop
- tons of boxed stuff inside the church
- the house next to the graveyard and not to forget the whole hill area
Not everything is copy but most! (and it is really a lot!!!)

Do you like fast food? Try to eat at the "Brain Shack"! (made by Kimm Starr). Food so fresh, its still screaming!

The band "THE WOLFTONES" (an orig. creation by Kimm Starr) seem to have taken the hearts of the audience and visitors of the sim by storm. They play every full moon (and every night is full moon!!) for your enjoyment!!

falene hawks: like the horror show yes youpi bravo 9 months ago

..even Igor (orig. creation by Kimm Starr) has fun listening...

I wasn't sure if I would open the sim this year. A lot of bad things are happening in this world right now. But then you would miss a lot of new things and that would actually be a shame.
So, on to AUTUMNVILLES SECOND YEAR , where good meets evil and in between..
I open early, so you still have enough time to make your sim autumnal.
What can you expect? ---A lot!!!
Stroll through the countryside and enjoy (and pick up) the beautiful autumn decorations, see spooky places that will make your blood run cold, voracious flowers just waiting to eat you for dinner and so much more.
New for this year: Stuff in the shopping areas around the sim had been added, an enlarged, completely revamped freak show, a second fully animated band,the Wolftones that´s second to none, an ice cream dealer you'd rather not meet in the dark, and so much more. Find out and just have fun.
And remember a lot but not everything can be copied. PLEASE RESPECT THAT!!! You can see beautiful things "made in open sim- for open sim" for example made by Kimm Starr, Cloee Heslop, Luna Lunaria ,Bibiana Bombinate and many more.
Please make sure to have a good balance between Music and Sounds, otherwise you would miss half of the fun.
Rezzing problems? Then please relog!!
There is a lot to discover, what are you waiting for?

Jamie Wright: I look forward to your region every season Thomas:) 9 months ago

Time for something in pink?

alexa maurer osw: Oh, I guess I got caught on photo :D 10 months ago
I wanted to open this sim next year but cause of some not so good news I open the sim for public right now . Items for every kind of Festive Occasion and more .Perhaps have a look at the boxes, it it might be of interest?:-) . The sim is full of scripted items, all is working so that you can try the items out...
I wanted to open the sim for public next year, but I got not so good news, so I open it right away so that you have another choice of fun shopping.
Nice mix of items of every kind and for every kind of festive Occasions. Beside this some fun items ,dont take it to serious..
PS.check out the wooden might be worth it . A lot of scripted items inside the region..everything is working, so you can try all things you would like to buy out!

The sim will be closed for public soon . Thank you all for visiting this place. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.Stay healthy and hopefully we see us back next year!

Stay safe and enjoy this time of the year!

I wish you all a relaxed weekend and a happy 2nd Advent:-)

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noodle never answers mails he an alt?

Freebie Store 2021

an regulary update of items would be great too, or a seperate place at this place to find them!

Lbsa Plaza

mostly if you enter this place and people are around no friendly hello, no "how are you" back after greeting .and only special people are greeted back...horrible place

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