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down to earth guy

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motorcycling, sailing, walking, SL and Open Sim, Cinema, Theatre...

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Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world...(Marilyn Monroe)
I´d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not (Kurt Cobain)

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Everything except Hard Rock

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to much to count...but a lot of movies from the 40,50,60s

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Always the newest Version of Firestorm

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Paraiso das Calopsitas
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Twin sim to Cockatiels paradise. Here you find this and that items, funny costumes for system avatars by Froggie Pond and a lot more!
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Birds Paradise
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relaxing, exploring
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Lionbeach was never away but not listed for a longer time. Are you shy, dont want to be surrounded by a crowd of people and dont feel comfy? Social phobia ? Perhaps this is the right place for you. Dance among a lot of funny artificial generated characters (Sky Tower) or the more sophisticated C...
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Exploring, adventure, winter, christmas, relax, fun, entertainment!
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Cockatiels Paradise
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Everything but Christmas. Party items, birthday, easter,valentine, St. Patricks Day..,a store with this and that items and a lot more!, freebie sim
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Christmas and winter sim. Exploring and freebie region.
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where good meets evil and in between. Autumn and Halloween decoration, exploring! This is a seasonal sim, means only open a short time in the year
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Have a nice weekend and furthermore a happy pride month!

GeromeHandrick: Happy weekend for you too Thomas 1 month ago

ps..the hydrant is scripted.. click on it and a waterfontaine spreads out

LeonitasLionheart: Let's just hope nobody names their fountain "R. Kelly" ;) 1 month ago

Summer will be hot and it's always good to have your own fire hydrant. This is the last NPC novelty for now. If you are further interested, please let me know.

Kylie Brimmer: i cannot get this one as it said "This item doesn't appear to be for sale" 1 month ago

MEEP MEEP... next one is ready to go.. The Road Runner !!!

The wildest animal drummer in history!! New created NPC out of Froggies costumes

CyberGlo CyberStar: hhahaha! i love it. so funny! :D I laughed my butt off...! hehehee There it is ---> (__.__) 1 month ago

If you don't get hungry... that's Thaddius Taco... looks good in every dance club and annoys every vegetarian!!

LeonitasLionheart: He looks like he's fixin' to make a run for the border... 1 month ago
I promised a longer time ago to create more characters out of Froggy Ponds costumes. The first 3 new ones are ready! Voila may I introduce you to Gary Goatee, Larry Lobster and Lucky Ducky? If you are interested you can grab them on Lionbeach,next to the landing point.. Happy weekend all!!!
Happy weekend everyone. I want to show you
another original animesh highlight from Kimm Star from Kitely . THE BARBER SHOP Singers. You can see them singing inside the luxury shop on the sim. Available on kitely market place in her shop "virtual vignette".

For all shogun and asian fans...

TrishiaOConnell: Amazing new items you have. Thank you for that! 3 months ago

New to Paraiso is a pride shop . On 2 floors you will find nice items to get your pride months starting...

CyberGlo CyberStar: Love the colors of the rainbow used in everything! Very happy party time setup. :) 3 months ago

WTF?.... I'd rather leave this to your imagination.......

LeonitasLionheart: Someone is bound to get lucky, sooner or later... 4 months ago

Phryne Fisher has also risen from the pixel dead and is waiting for new adventures

Jerralyn Franzic: Is the sim open? Just tried to TP there with my OSgrid avi. 4 months ago
No, this is not a hallocination.....This is the Twin Sim to Cockatiels paradise called " Paraiso das Calopsitas ". The whole sim is still under construction but at least Froggie Ponds creations are back. Even the artwork on the pictures for the items is genius. There you can see how much love and details she had put in.
On the sim you will find this and that items, funny costumes for system avatars, Avatars on the upper floor and a lot more to come...
Hello folks.. some people ask me where the nice shop is with the funny costumes for system avatars. Well yes it sank together with the liquidation of the art sim..
My fault not bringing it back. To busy in real life. But I heard you and it will be back soon ! I will go on making funny avatars out of the creations too. I need just a few more hours and Froggie Ponds original creations will be back.
Here is a sneak preview

falene hawks: Hello cool, relax take your time and thank for all kisses 4 months ago

All my best wishes for a successful, peaceful Easter from

TrishiaOConnell: same to you 4 months ago

besides St. Patrick´s ...everything you need for a good easter shopping experience..

Everything you need to decorate and celebrate St. Partrick´s day. Come have a look and give it a try!

some still stuck to Valentine parties..some prepare for easter...but remember 17th of March is St. Patrick´s day!

After a server crash yesterday, the sim is online and accessable again! Have fun!

Don´t forget.. Feb. 14th is Valentines day!!

Omy2024: So cute, thanks so much Thomas - you have some fabulous gifts at your sim and it is very appreciated. 6 months ago
Happy new year ! Seems nothing has changed and the anarchy goes on on this side. Back from vacation and going on vacation next week. Here are some updates.. The experimental sim with "purgatory" on it will be dissolved and parts of the sim will be found again on heavy water. Heavy water is undergoing major expansion and is therefore closed for an indefinite period of time. Afterwards, group access as usual. Cockatiels paradise, as you would expect, receives regular updates and is always changing. Greetings!

New items arrived ..have fun!

Atmos and Xanten will close their door for public tomorrow. If you need last minute christmas items this will be your last chance today. It was a long season this year (opened in September together with the Halloween sim) but now I am a bit tired. As you noticed items had always been stocked during the season and the sims also changed the face (a bit) . Thank you for your lovely christmas wishes and hopefully see you back next year!

Dear Friends.. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart. Have a good new year too! Your Thomas

Trizzy Hunter: Merry Christmas Thomas and have a safe New Year. Here's to 2024 may all you wishes and dreams come to pass. 7 months ago

the turkey stays alive!!!

RosemaryWoodhouse: Gives me cool ideas for my thanksgiving decorations in rl. 8 months ago

New things have arrived. And thanks to a certain person for the extra advertising for the sim. I've never had so many visitors at once as I had in the last 3 days

Malachi: Great collection! Thank you for sharing 9 months ago
That's it for this year. I would like to thank all of my loyal visitors who brought the sim to life. I hope you had a nice time. Many things that you suggested last year had been implemented and have brought a breath of fresh air into the sim.
Unfortunately, there were a few black sheep who didn't know how to behave. That's why I couldn't keep my promise to keep the sim open to everyone and everything this year.
Thanks also to the visitors who actually r e a l l y visited various Halloween Sims and then gave their great reviews.
I would like to thank you again for the many great encounters. It was an honor to be the host again this year.Hopefully we see you all back next year. Until then, have a good time.
Your Thomas

SheaButter: I actually visited many Halloween builds, and left reviews on most. Your still on the top 10 for me Thomas. Great collection you have there, enjoyed visiting, and thanks for sharing. 9 months ago

Like my grandma said..if one door is closing ..another door will open..and in this case...the doors are open !! Have fun on the winter sims Xanten and Atmos

After all the halloween posts here is something different.... a nice shot made on the sim Atmos with shared windlight

New Items arrived! Have fun!

RosemaryWoodhouse: hot new unique items ,congrats! 9 months ago

A Reindeer fly thru wash. It is really fun to watch this scene... I could stand there for hours watching and watching and watching. Please use shared windlight for the right mood.

problems with the server are fixed. The sims are online and visitable again:-)

right at the moment there are problems with the server, hopefully it will be fixed soon, thank you for your patience

The 2nd Winter sim, the 2nd year!! A lot to explore and to find. More structured than Xanten . Some of the highlights are the Rendeer wash station (Kimm Star productions) and the prehistoric cave, where Neandertaler preparing dinner...Please use shared windlight for best performance.
For all winter and christmas lovers.For the 4th year Xanten is open for public again. Not the newest freebies but the nicest! For every taste something. Have fun exploring! The sim is fully loaded so give it time to rez, or relog, that often helps! Please use shared windlight!

A nice 3 D Halloween background was added (behind graveyard). A cool add on to present your halloween items.. 3 versions ..long and short ones

Santas slasher family and a lot other new items arrived..Have fun!

Nosferatu, a symphony of horror.. inside Castle

The deadly 3 arrived to support Freddy

And for our little Harrys and Hermiones there is the magical magic shop. There is a lot to discover for the future wizards

Final test for the Oktoberfest

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Old Western

impressive authentic Wild West scenery .Highly recommended to visit!

HQ Herederos

shopping fun for hours


noodle never answers mails he an alt?

Freebie Store 2021

an regulary update of items would be great too, or a seperate place at this place to find them!

Lbsa Plaza

mostly if you enter this place and people are around no friendly hello, no "how are you" back after greeting .and only special people are greeted back...horrible place

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