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Region "Tigerbeach" changed to "Lionbeach". On a stronger server now! Fun sim for future Entertainment, some freebies all over the sim but not officially announced. Are you shy, dont like full crowded places with people.? Perhaps this is the solution, dance among artifical characters, you can choo...
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Howdy and happy sunday...This animesh girl you find on several places (mine too:-)) reminds me of "Melanie Cavill" from the TV Show Snowpiercer. And so...... I wish you all a good start into the week!!!
Do we still have an Arcadia Asylum library somewhere?

I found a very old landmark in my inventory but this place is gone. Do we still have a Aracadia Asylum library somewhere?

meet Fannie Mae, the friendly Dragon! Another cool character realized by Froggie Pond.

Hello folks. I wish you all a happy ,safe and not so hot weekend! I am just thinking about that there was a time, not sooooo long ago, that "Sharing is caring" (copy,mody,trans) and spread items all over the open sim was a cool thing. Tons of items (copybotted and not so copybotted ) free available for all who wants them. Megastores and huge "Malls" ,beautiful styled regions with free stuff had been created all with signs at every 2nd building that says "sharing is caring" " But what is left right now? Not a lot.
Moral Apostles almost got heart attacks but most people clapped hooray and the pioneer of it ,Sacrarium was banned very fast from several grids.(Somehow silly, you find tons of items from the forbidden fruit on almost every sim at Osgrid and Digiworldz ) Then ,(like in the cold war of east and west) ,they ,that created and promoted this "sharing is caring" put their items to no transfer.And some of their inhabitans fire this "no transfer".
And Foundation Grid is (what a shame) only a shadow of itself. No cool stylish places to visit any longer. Is this the end of "Sharing is caring" ,they made so much propaganda for ?
Well that are only my thoughts right now.. Ok Betty Boo is back in full color. So another cool character you can dance among ..
Happy weekend all!
Hello Folks, happy weekend. ..I found out that people that visit the sim mostly visit "Club Tigerbeach" (thank you,thank you ,thank you!!) but not "The Skytower". I dont know why but you miss a lot of fun. It is not only a dummy building, you can use the teleporter to the top where you can dance among a lot of funny cartoon( and other) characters. It is really fun. A lot of those characters had been realized by Froggie Pond. She was really genius creating them. Anyways ..perhaps you visit this 2nd club on the sim at your next visit too and leave it with a smile on your face. After Osgrid changed something around a few weeks ago, some characters lost color and so i have to build them up again. (so therefore the construction sign!) . And in a few weeks you can made them to your couple dance partners too ! I took some pictures..

Picture , where the Cartoon Fun is! Use the teleporter at the entrance and tp up to "The Skytower"

grumpy Wal and Stad not in their loge and dancing..? Hmmmm

Homer and Goofy? Chaos !!!

Dream Couple.. Sylvester and Pinky!

where else do you see Olive and Popeye dancing to hot rhythms

chest hair

Howdy and hello folks. I have a question.. Is chest hair for mesh avatars available ? I always look like a naked snail and want a bit more hairy chest but dont find any. Can someone help?

Ich wünsche Euch allen einen schönen sonnigen Start in die neue Woche.
I wish you all a good sunny start into the new week!

Another view of the inside.....Club Tigerbeach

Hello Folks. If you visit next time the sim, please dont forget to visit Club Tigerbeach .The inside is really styled with love and care. I found out that there are several "future clubs" here on open sim, but most are like "rez it out of inventory and thats it!" I put really a lot of heartblood in ,to make it as cozy and comfortable as possible.And it is still not ready, but 90%. If you think the Eurovision Song Contest stage in real Life was spectecular, look at this stage! Feel comfy during your stay and have fun...!

a lazy afternoon with Harry & Co

a lazy afternoon with Harry & Co

Hello . I have a question. Do we have perhaps a NPC Generator for Mesh Persons? The old " Npc Poser Poseball V1/V2--Blank from Nara Nook are still working good to create Non Mesh Avatars but with creating Mesh Persons they have difficulties.(parts of body are missing) . If we have something like this, I would be glad, if someone handles me a NPC creator over or show me the place, where to get! Thank you!

Do we really have on open sim only round about 6 hairstyles for men and tons for women? Or do i always visit wrong places?

Thomas epic fail..
Before Foundation went down a few weeks ago and before they came back I bought this wonderful burlesque outfit for my Nightclub. Well now i look more like a drag queen.. or a twisted Bo Peep 2.0 version
lol.. damn I should have worn one of those female mesh bodies:-)
i can not log in into Foundation, nor Sacrarium gid

can you help me somehow? i can not log in into both grids. has someone else these problems too?

Winter is coming...... setting up my winter sim

Attention..I found out that some of the BoM Eyes contains a so called "Bom eyes alpha iris layer". If you put this on, you cant teleport to a lot of place in hypergrid. You always will get a message like "unable to teleport, your clothes are to heavy, please choose another outfit"..This is cause you had put on this iris alpha layer. This layer is not necessary I found out. Your eyes are "there" without that layer!!!!!

Is there perhaps an insider tip, where to find Freebies or a freebies place that is not handling with the usual stuff you find meanwhile everywhere?

little yellow pyramids
hello Folks i have a question.. Sometimes i see little yellow pyramids above some items( no i am not drunk!!!lol) and then they vanish. Can someone explain please,what the meaning of those pyramids are? Is something wrong with the item then? greets Thomas
I heard that animesh conquer open sim now too. In SL i was a big fan of those animesh persons. Someone know a place where i can get those "npcs-dummy-statues(however you call them) that I could convert to animesh persons?
Ps .. I already found this doorman and a dancing robot

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noodle never answers mails he an alt?

Sex City Shopping Mall

wonderful styled place with amazing adult and general products. A must see for all ,who(that) can not teleport to a special grid!

Freebie Store 2021

an regulary update of items would be great too, or a seperate place at this place to find them!


Sehr schön , fantasie-und liebevoll gestaltetes Grid, jede Menge Sims zu "exploren". Sehr kurzweilig. Freundliche Bewohner (bis jetzt). Kann man leider von manch anderer Grid unter dt. Führung nicht grad sagen.


would it be possible to set the hairstyles for men to "transfer"`All hairs are no transfer!


beautful outfits for women ,but all, like on other sims at sacrarium, "no transfer, "so not all people on the open sim universe will have the chance to get/buy those wonderful outfits (The same with male outfits on other sims at sacrarium:-(

Lbsa Plaza

mostly if you enter this place and people are around no friendly hello, no "how are you" back after greeting .and only special people are greeted back...horrible place

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