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Tropicana Tuneage
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Tropicana Tuneage's main focal point is it's club by the same name that has live DJs and singers from various genres. Need a place to unwind? Tropicana Tunea...
Tropicana Bird's Nest
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Tropicana Bird's Nest is a beautiful region with an American Graffiti retro nostalgia all of its own. Carefully crafted and a delight to explore, Tropicana Bird...

Little Cuba
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Littel Cuba, a themed hang-and chill-out space. Enjoy great music, or dance at the unique lounge, at the Cuban village or on our beach.

Tropicana Crooked Lake
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A tropical hangout region by Dex Cavanaugh. Plenty of places to expore and some homes to rent too. Come on over and take a look around. Connected to the wider T...
Tropicana Bird's Nest 2
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⚔ Vikings ⚔ When you land at Bird's Nest 2 you will find a city under construction. However, there is an a...
Tropicana Bird's Nest 3
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The Blue lagoon with its volcanoes and turquoise coasts, beautiful sandy beaches and hidden secrets. The tribal peoples of this region await you. Come and explo...
Tropicana Crooked Isle
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Welcome to Tropicana Crooked Isle the home of Dex Cavanaugh. This tropical region is a mix of home and landcaped areas designed as hangout and chill zone for th...
Tropicana Garden Club
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Tropicana Garden Club is a dedicated club venue set in an English Garden. This modern and vibrant club is on its own region and specially designed to ensure low...
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Tropicana is a collection of beautiful islands for you to explore. We no longer offer rentals but our islands are still here for everyone to enjoy. To find ...
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tropicana sale land
Tropicana Aruba
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Tropicana Aruba is a residential area for the members of Kokomo Swingers Resort. Access is open to everyone to visit but you must be a private member to have on...
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