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Tropicana Bird's Nest 3
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The Blue lagoon with its volcanoes and turquoise coasts, beautiful sandy beaches and hidden secrets. The tribal peoples of this region await you. Come and explore this lush jungle beach paradise. Meet the natives and mind the sharks.

The Blue Lagoon is a Tropical paradise designed as an adult region so strictly no child avatars allowed. The region contains adult orientated content so please DO NOT ENTER if you are against nudity and sexual activities.

As with all of Geen N's builds, there is an exceptionally good level of detail and some clever use of NPC.s that create the atmosphere of realism. And be careful, the NPC's are over the age of 18 and looking to strip you of your clothes! You have been warned!

The landing point should be at the OSW beacon but we are posting it here too just so that you have the landmark. We look forward to seeing you at the Blue Lagoon.

Location: hop://

Amazon, girls, volcano, tropical, lagoon, tropics, beaches, castaway, tribal, tribes, island,

Blue Lagoon
The Altar of Tribe
The big octopus will come......><

Blue Lagoon
The boy and Baby Shark

Blue Lagoon
The beautiful greeter is here. She comes to you greeting. and serves LM
and gifts notecard.
If you don't need them click Cancel in the menu. She will go back.
Please don't be cruel to her^^
Blue Lagoon
I put Gifts from the Tribe at the landing point!!
Clothes and accessories for Blue lagoon.
Polynesian Voyaging Canoe miniature and real size
NPC Cards of The Blue Lagoon
some stuff are Group gifts. Please Join our Group.

Blue Lagoon
I put Polynesian Canoe at Castaway's hut and the tribe cove.
These are drivable.

Blue Lagoon
Polynesian Voyaging Canoe Catamaran

Blue Lagoon
There is a secret cave behind the waterfall.

Blue Lagoon
Castaway's hut and their Raft.
You can take copy them.
about The Raft: Rez and open the edit window. delete notecard "RIDE".
after you should add points for your place, and make a new "RIDE" card

GeeNakamura: I put small vendors in front of the hut. "hut" and "Raft". 1 years ago

Blue Lagoon
Young castaways
Emeline 18years old
Charles 19years old
Panel on his head---You can control his thing as it. and click to remove his thong before.

CyberGlo CyberStar: 1 years ago

Blue Lagoon
Squall!! Get Taro leaf parasol.

Blue Lagoon
Turtle riding point!!

Thirza Ember: How do you get back to the starting point of the ride? Turtle recall. 1 years ago

Blue Lagoon
Dolphin riding point!!

aboriginal tribe
Dancers are NPC.

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