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Main Region for the VR-Esc Grid This is a Large Region for sailing, flying, housing Rental, developing your builds or scripts, and the welcome are for all resi...
0 Users 128 74 22nd
STARK, an adult themed event sim with a magnificent BDSM Palace, sexual content, and homes for free. The Stark Islands regions are a place under the rainbow...

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A Japanese sim on a terraced Lava mountain with cherry trees. Hanami, or the tradition of flower viewing, is a cherished cultural event in Japan, particularly celebrated during the blooming of cherry blossoms or Sakura. We celebrate Hanami here, please come join us. Set your lighting to midnight for...

Str8t City
3 Users 3 0 23rd
Welcome and willkommen. Hier wird in der kommenden Zeit ein St├Ądte RP entstehen. Shops, Feuerwehr, Polizei und eine Farm sind bereits da. Wir suchen dich zur Un...
The Mall
2 Users 38 20 24th
The Mall is the shopping place for you everyone also hypergrid for your Hair, Clothes Boots, Shoes Female and Male. walk around and find the stuff for your n...
Green Acres 2
0 Users 4 1 25th
Quintonia Farm, Shopping
2 Users 5 0 26th
Awesome Country style Club, classic country and rock tunes, friendly people, dancing, occasional contests and events, sploder etc
Raven's Peak
4 Users 35 4 27th
** ADULTS ONLY REGION - STRICTLY NO CHILD AVATARS ** Raven's Peak shopping and entertainment district. Everyone is welcome to this region and we recommend popp...
2 Users 3 0 28th
Is where sophisticated electronic music meets abstract sensations.. Styles: Dub Acid/Raw/Hypnotic Ethno/Original Ambient/Atmospheric Feel free to join...
Welcome Area
2 Users 15 1 29th
Welcome to Breath GreekLife Grid it is free come join us meet new friends and have fun!!!!! (NO KIDS ALLOWED)
1 Users 14 0 30th
Virtualgrid.us offers Free shopping. Soon to offer multiple regions full of free things for everyone. We will also soon start offering small home parcels for ...
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