Paradise Isle
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Gloebits Shopping at Sunny Paradise Mall. Come and check it out.
Christmas Isle
0 Users 4 1 296th
FREE Christmas items for FREE “Take A Copy”. Traveled around Opensim to collected as many things I could to help get you in the Christmas Spirit. Most item are ...

JAND Headquarters
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Home and Market for JAND Consulting, LLC. hosting

Shores Retreat
0 Users 6 1 381st
TanGLe Grid offers FREE lots and home rental on 6 regions. Shores Haven FREE Lots and homes - Shores Oasis FREE Lots - Shores Retreat FREE home rentals - Butle...
SkyLife Properties
0 Users 2 0 439th
1. Private sky pad 2. Click on ATM Stand to get 1 3. FREE Sky Boxes to pick up for your pad or fix it how you want 4. 850 prims per pad
TanGLe Welcome Island
0 Users 6 0 507th
TanGLe Grid Welcome Island - Our grid is a friendly and great place to build, make new friends, low cost regions and much more. Visit our website to see what we...
Blue Moon
0 Users 3 1 527th
A event location with LIVE singers and great dj's with music from all genre. Check the events calendar from TanGLe Grid to see what is happening on this beautif...
Kling Farm
0 Users 27 5 574th
Hobby Farm- We also have a group joiner so people with this type of farm can talk with each other about things that can be improved or added to make are farms b...
Tangle Welcome Center
0 Users 11 1 621st
This area is full of FREE items to get you started in TanGLe Grid. After landing at Welcome Island take a walk or fly to TanGLe Grids Welcome Center to get your...
HG Station 1
0 Users 1 0 685th
HG Station 1 is our main hub to other grids and places on TanGLe Grid. There you can also find an information center about us. That is also where you can CLIC...
Celestial Falls
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Welcome to Celestial Falls, Home of an Asgardian Workshop. Our Region hosts Raptor Nest Vineyards, both Vineyard and Retail shop. Feris Labs:Wonderland, a misc ...
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