Grid: TanGLeGrid

GCG Refuge
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FREE Lots and monthly events DJ Leslie 1st Monday of each month at 10am game time. Classic Rock
Shores Retreat
0 Users 4 1 341st
TanGLe Grid offers FREE lots and home rental on 6 regions. Shores Haven FREE Lots and homes - Shores Oasis FREE Lots - Shores Retreat FREE home rentals - Butle...

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Georgetown is a small Northern Ontario, Canada military town. There is a full army base within the town, as well as a woodland training area. The base is set up perfectly for roleplay if anyone wishes to. There are many stores and homes available to rent for FREE. . Airport, docks with shi...

Kling Farm
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Hobby Farm- We also have a group joiner so people with this type of farm can talk with each other about things that can be improved or added to make are farms b...
TanGLe Welcome Island
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TanGLe Grid Welcome Island - Our grid is a friendly and great place to build, make new friends, low cost regions and much more. Visit our website to see what we...
Tangle Welcome Center
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This area is full of FREE items to get you started in TanGLe Grid. After landing at Welcome Island take a walk or fly to TanGLe Grids Welcome Center to get your...
0 Users 5 1 538th
EXPO CENTER - We hold expos of different exhibitions about 4 times per year. All are welcome to display their items at our EXPO. If you would like to be apart o...
0 Users 4 1 770th
This is a Gloebit Enabled region with 22 RENT FREE Shops. You just need to click on the sign in front of the shop you want 1 time within each 30 days to keep it...
Island Paradise
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Club Quantum Static Shock Club & Mall and ready to rent out shops and if need tag IM Kylie Brimmer. HG visitors are welcome to put freebie things in my shop bu...
Crown Royal Casino
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Crown Royal Game Area - We have many table and game for hours of playing. Some of the Table Games we have are: Grabby (Greedy), Dicezee (Yahtzee) and Snakes and...
Island Paradise
0 Users 4 0 869th
~ Club Quantum Static Shock & Mall ~ Located on the beautiful Tangle Grid Here it's always about the People, The Music & The Fun!!! Come and Enjoy!!! Make sure...
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