I Love You
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We are OFFICIALLY open !! The I LOve You family welcomes YOu All - 1000 sims full of Love, Peace Tranquility and Sharing - one of the largest and most Loved ...
I Love You Events Village
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The home of the I Love You Events at the Mansour Hotel and Sky Bar, Topless/Bottomless Beach Club, Ice Mountain Club and Heaven 42 LGBQT+ Club - plus a Wedding ...

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Welcome to Captiva and Jaxx's Club! Live entertainment weekly at Jaxx's and other venues. Feel free to visit the entire region and enjoy what we have here! We have many free items and builds for you.

I Love You Oceanside
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Comprising Rabat and Tropical Fun regions. Adult fun, cities, caves, beaches, jungle, desert, mountains, sailing, tram rides, airfield, homes. No child avatars!
I Love You Welcome Area
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The Welcome Region for the I Love You Grid Use the Teleporter Boards once you arrive. Small Avi shop and essential bits!
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Part of I Love You estate: Adults only. A bit of everything
I Love You West Ocean
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Just part of the huge I Love You Ocean - rez your boats in the Marina or borrow one of hours - loads of places to explore including the Back Passage to the Nort...
I Love You City
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A special place for special people
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Part of I LOve YOu estate. Adults only. Come visit the Dino theme park. T. rex, Raptors, Brachiosaurs, Triceratops, Stegosaurs. Ride round the park in style in ...