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Very fine region :-) Every friday Party in the Rockhouse

(c)YaKa-Club International(R)
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- Real Association Create in Secondlife.Since2007 with Real Duplex Real Dj since2008. - Association loi 1901. N: W423006144(R) Struggles for: Sidaction. Cystic fibrosis. Multiple sclerosis. Telethon. Donor Benefactor of the Red Cross in France. Rare diseases such as Angelman's disease. DJ Viktor ...

Santas Winterwunderland
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Christmas allhrough the Year with a lot of Presents to Collect and to be entertained... Ganzjähriger Weihnachtsmarkt mit Eislaufzelt, Schlittschuhsee, Kino u...
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A Region from the "Gridtalk-Forum"
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Der Weihnachtsmarkt in Dorenas World. .-)
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Piratetown and meetingpoint
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Startregion of "Dorenas World"
Bella Klara
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you find here plants, animals, houses, clothes, furnitures... Clothes and shoes rigged for Ruth 2.0, everything, an avatar needs. I love to make things, I hate ...
Santas Refugium
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Home of "Santa" Rubeus. Rummelplatz Kunstgalerie Hope im Burgmuseum Theater unter dem Sternenzelt Ruinentheater Brauerei "Dorena Bräu" Mühlenmarkt "Onkel...
Dorenas World
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The old Startregion from Dorenas World. :-)
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