Live Regions

Lbsa Plaza
7 Users 116 37 1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter ava...
4 Users 17 0 10th
From The Owner of kohakuGrid To (Rendome Hypergrid User's) we don't need grid drama here what ever other grids do i can not care less. KohakuGrid is a hoby ...

The Almost Islands
0 Users 3 likes 1 comments

Bringing live music to OS Grid every Tuesday afternoon for nearly 4 years

3 Users 4 0 43rd
CraftWorld welcome region
Fashionistas island
2 Users 71 0 3rd
Batan Island Forgotten World
2 Users 19 2 4th
Welcome to RAKis World Idyllic Norwegian village, relaxed recreation in nature. Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / fury or hidde...
2 Users 9 0 9th
Welcome Area
2 Users 5 0 12th
We offer the best land prices in GreekLife! For a limited time we will build your region with no setup fee. Perhaps unique to our grid are.Wee Have 2 managers o...
The Alternative
2 Users 17 5 13th
The Alternative is a club for alternative people, running on an alternative opensimulator version.
Shinobar Annex
2 Users 28 14 14th
Outfits for Ruth 2 mesh body and classic avatars. Scripts for vehicles, tour ride. NPC dance balls, animated mesh, bar equipment. Enjoy shopping by bonus $, ...
Sardar Fair
2 Users 28 4 15th
Shop, Dance, Learn about Gor! Gorean Library! Looking for VENDORS! RENT IS FREE- must have Gorean content only! Sardar Fair the neutral zone for Counter...
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