Live Regions

Lbsa Plaza
6 Users 115 38 1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter ava...
5 Users 9 1 39th
Sim with free Parcels. Adult beach setting. var regions with sail and fly.

Bellmar Islands 16
0 Users 0 likes 0 comments

AviWorlds Sailing Club.. Hundreds of regions to sail.. Boat included!

Batan Island Forgotten World
4 Users 17 2 4th
Welcome to RAKis World Idyllic Norwegian village, relaxed recreation in nature. Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / fury or hidde...
Dutch Sensation
4 Users 2 0 23rd
Lots of stuff to find and party's as well
Crystal Valley II
3 Users 1 0 40th
Welcome to Crystal Valley II, Explore the vacation like atmosphere with a residential flair. FREE Beautiful Homes with extra 750 prims ! Come and enjoy decora...
3 Users 12 6 45th
3 Users 1 0 51st
Seventh Sign
3 Users 0 0 53rd
Home of the Seventh Sign
The Harbor
3 Users 215 20 90th
This sim is under construction. The sim mission is to serve opensim providing MASS DISTRIBUTION of NEW resources and content to expand builders creativity. Ever...
Fashionistas island
2 Users 61 0 3rd
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