Live Regions

5 Users 36 14 76th
Benvenuti in Freedom grid ! Freedom grid....... un posto accogliente dove potete socializzare in tutta tranquillità....lasciatevi sorprendere dalle numerose ...
Lbsa Plaza
3 Users 115 38 1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter ava...

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My new sim is now open to the public A bit of everything: Clothing textures for mesh appliers and legacy avatars, some freebie clothes All free and original. I am constantly working on this sim, there is only one store open for now.

3 Users 1 0 3rd
Welcome virtualife Grid hosting, server and region rent we rent regions in virtualife and osgrid and sell original oar contact daniele rossi in osgrid and d...
3 Users 12 6 32nd
Free Life Central City
3 Users 5 3 166th
It's a Pre-Grand Opening of this new sim to accommodate the opening of the Elise Dior Fashion Center. New stores to be filled with good stuff throughout June.
Event Plaza
2 Users 72 21 4th
Community event region and home for the OSGrid Friday Parties: music from all over the globe 12 hour, non stop, wherever you are, every Friday!
Batan Island Forgotten World
2 Users 18 2 7th
Welcome to RAKis World Idyllic Norwegian village, relaxed recreation in nature. Only human avatars, Fairy & Troll's are allowed. No animal / fury or hidde...
2 Users 5 3 9th
The Party Barge @ Nanania on HG
2 Users 10 1 14th
Benvenuto in FuoriGrid, grid privata accessibile a tutti da Hg e ad iscrizione su invito. Punto di incontro per amici che vogliono trascorrere piacevole serate ...
Freebie Store 2020
2 Users 22 0 20th
MASSIVE FREEBIE STORE Free items from AviWorlds grid that is a collection of items from around the hypergrid.. Come Shop today!!!
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