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CryBabyBunny 47 minutes ago
aaah ok darum wars ne möglich dahin zu kommen ,,na dann warten wir mal Vorfreude is doch die schönste Freude ;-)
Klarabella Karamell 1 hour ago
leute, das war soooo super, Party von 14 bis 24.30 Uhr. Ich war hinterher platt, aber glücklich! Ich danke euch allen!
alexa maurer osw 4 hours ago
okay das erklärt warum es nicht mehr möglich war, viel erfolg beim umzug
JuliaAmly 4 hours ago
Thank You for all the great content that you have to offer.. we await you to get back up and running smoothly
Jupiter Rowland 4 hours ago
It's sad to see that many don't know and don't care for even the basics of reducing lag for themselves and everyone else. They go to huge parties with avatars with a complexity beyond 400,000, with a ...
CherylFurse 7 hours ago
If you want to have the feeling for RL shopping then this is the place to go. And all you get there is high quality. 5 Stars