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Sylvia-Koeln 4 hours ago
For once, I agree with Suzan. I like going to parties at Osgrid......... but Osgrid is not the hub of the virtual world. Esse is a fabulous DJane....... better than some.
Thirza Ember 7 hours ago
The region is lovely makes me want to move to Wales
Sylvia-Koeln 7 hours ago
I cannot Copy :-(
Sylvia-Koeln 8 hours ago
Hella is a wonderful Artist and a very nice and charming Person.
Ellen 9 hours ago
I cannot get there from these links...
Suzan Von Otter 11 hours ago
so I think you KrisTina are wrong, Esse makes their club regularly well, he is popular and guests come. if then please scold them on other events around Opensim. it can not be when OS grid makes part...