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Wuudsville has 1 teacher, 1 radio presenter (24 hour stream), 1 journalist (website under construction), 2 supermarket cashiers (food production), 2 police officers (patrol and gun testing ), 2 firefighters (rescue test), the mayor, and 1 doctor (data regulation), 1 pirate, 1 gangster, 1 mobster, 1 biker, 1 bar owner (we love to drink) online 24 hours and me . To be clear, the OS system will only be at the bus station, with people moving, arriving on the island, people leaving immediately through the city. Today we write a book.


CyberGlo CyberStar 2 days ago
A really nice city layout. It felt like being downtown in a real city. Very well done! Kudos to you for an excellent job. :)
Nico Kailani 13 days ago
By "OS system", Karen is referring to the OSW Beacon, which is indeed a system for reporting traffic. Now that she has become aware of the issues with her prior placement, she has fixed the problem.