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Now I would like to say, I read so much nonsense from the people of Avitron, who sell themselves as better and competitive against even SL ahahha, I wrote a post on the facebook group of AlterEgo Grid, a post that praises the original content creator from SL (Leeloo for City Catz and others), the stability achieved by our EgoCore project, having a custom viewer that does not require mess to access, and one of the managers of avitron what writes? this really stupid comment! first because we have closed registrations and so we decide who enters and who not, for this we do not care to make a number but to have a simple and solid community, two because no one goes to comment their bullshit ... so Avitron Grid ... Alex Ferraris and especially Dexter, who is of little use to you, he doesn't make you look good! :)