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Beccca Baxton Sings Live at Bedlam Boys Tavern 4-5 pm

Where: Softly
When: 10 months ago [21 Jul 2022 04:00 SLT]

Beccca Baxton has a wide variety of music that includes thousands of songs ranging from Jazz and Blues, Country, Ballads, R&B, Oldies, Pop Current , the ones mama didn't teach us lol songs. She loves to sing romantic songs and considers herself a romantic. She sings with great passion for music, especially the songs that reach into your heart and speak to you. You will feel it as you hear it. Beccca loves singing for others and doing dedications. Music is her heart and she mixes in her love for humor, whit and life-stories into her performances. She loves to change up lyrics & add audience members name's into her songs & as dedications She has been singing in RL for many years since she was a young age. Always live never recorded.

Thursdays come alive @ Bedlam Boys Irish Tavern! Tonight Beccca Baxton performs Live 4-5
Catch Beccca Baxton live every other Thursday at Bedlam Boys Irish Tavern

Get ready for a night of fun, friends and great music @ Bedlam Boys!