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Dancing to Motown Music in the warm sand of the Caribou Beach Kitely - DJ Lora

Where: Caribou
When: 5 months ago [10 Jan 2022 12:00 SLT]

Motown with DJ Lora tonight on Caribou Beach! Come join us and you will see all the wonderful colours and nuances of the open sims. Here the sand is warm and the crowd is hot. In Caribou you get a warm welcome, whether female, male, shemale, transgirl, neko, furry. This is a place to be what you want to be. Take a bit of time, look around the many islands, and you find exciting private places for whatever kind of love you want. Many have stayed. Of course we are LGTB+ Friendly, and responsible bdsm is absolutely no problem. If you want to join this community just let us know and we find the place that you like. No rent to pay but we hope that you are then a regular resident and visitor.