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o.0 AMAZING NEW WITCHES HUD for all you would be witches! :) Totally free! Summon the goddess to eject someone from your land, rez a secret arcane practice center! Create your own relaxing witchy space!!! Cast spells! Find answers! :) Play with Salem the familiar!!! You should have many questions, well I have many answers. :) Please don't hesitate to contact me for help. I am very pleased to offer you this gift to enjoy your magical fantasy!
Note: please like my region, as your votes let me know I'm appreciated :) hehehe
Commands of the familiar: Salem followme, Salem follow cindy.resident, Salem seen (lists all people he has seen), Salem teleport x,y,z teleports to location you specify, and can listen in on conversations and tell you what is being said even if you are in another sim! Salem that little spy. hehehe