Reflections with Professor Quartz, Tranquility Grid

Where: SandBox
When: 9 days ago [15 Jan 2021 14:00 SLT]

What is Reflections?? Well that's a hard one to answer because it seems each week it's something NEW! hahaha You can expect: discussion around the topic of "virtual life'. NO judgment, open and sincere chat, a lot of laughs, maybe an insight here and there and OFTEN a recognition that, "Hey that's like ME!" from other's stories. Please have voice activated....i facilitate the group in VOICE, can just listen, speak in voice if you wish when it's your time (or pass) OR use text to make your comments (again as we go around the circle in turn).
I think you just might at least get a smile out of this time has been a HOOT! on other grids. :-) Hope to see you there! IF you have questions or if I have made things confusing....please IM me. (Professor Quartz)