Halloween adventure: rescue the smuggler!

Where: Tessin
When: 12 days ago [18 Oct 2020 13:00 SLT]

A terrible kidnapping has taken place at Tessin: Cata Raven's smugglers ship is overtaken by vicious and terrifying pirate- zombies ! They stole her cargo and locked her into a dark castle! Its your task to find her. But please be cautious for the attackers and other creepy creatures you will find on your path. When landing at Tessin's landing point, click the Halloween VIP teleporter sign ( Very Important Prey :D ) and you will find instructions near the castle ( click the same sign again ). You will receive a meter and a great working flintlock pistol ( with many thanks to captain Okwaho Euler ) to defend yourself. Happy hunting! ( this event will be ongoing from now until Halloween) .