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SPOILER ALERT!!! SOON THE NG - NEW GENERATION GREEDY GAME TABLES.. Not available yet at my sim but u all can test it at:

1) ALFHEIM: (at Alfheim Kaffé cabin);
2) AMV WELCOME AREA: Welcome (2nd floor);
3) LBSA PLAZA: Plaza
-Always wanted a greedy table u could skip lazy players who are watching FB instead of playing greedy? Now u can :) AND GET POINTS FOR THAT! LOL
- Top 5 high scored players board now available!
-Full control of table, mode CLASSIC (like v6 versions) or KEEP or STEAL mode! Making the game funnier!
- Nice for club areas! Chat message now is read only by players and sounds and particles can be removed as well!
- Set access to board to ALL/OWNER or to ur GROUP;
-Devil dice (as Joker dice seen in SL tables);
AND MUCH MORE! For info on how to use it, click at NG logo at any NG table available and have fun :)