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My Grid recorder project. This project is one where you wear an attachment and when you go to other grids, it gets the name and address of the grid and saves it to a list. Unfortunately it's not very useful as many of the grids I go to have scripts turned off, in which case it doesnt work at all. Or... the hud gets reset on the journey there and doesn't work. So far in the past 2 years I've got a total of 9 grids in the list, although I have been to many many more grids. Thank you for all the nice people I've met out there and the many good people I have met and made friends with. If you are interested in this project for whatever reason, you need to make a website where you can run the php script and you need to wear an attachment that can get the name of the grid and send it to the list in the table. Maybe somebody can think of a use for it.