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This class will be taught in december of 2023 at Wizardry.
The class will be about all the many many ways greifers and bad people can harm your avatar and lands in the metaverse. Topics that will be addressed include:

0) replicators - physical objects
1) listener im scripts
2) tracker scripts
3) push scripts
4) bumpers & followers
5) orbiters
6) remote radar scripts
7) text bombs
8) particle bombs
9) dialog crashers
10) sound crashers
11) graphics crashers
12) ddos attacks
13) remote land takeovers
14) stack heap overflow
15) scripting exploits
16) c# exploits
17) viewer modifications

In order to combat, you must understand the attack, and you must know how to fight it.
In order to stop these greifers and hackers, you must first know if you are being attacked, and then how to fix it.
So as I teach each section, I will also teach you how to combat against it. I will also give you very advanced devices
that can detect these attacks and help you mitigate them, so that you can survive in a virtual world.
Those who are interested in learning Defense Against The Dark Arts, must put their name on a notecard and drop it in the mailbox at the Wizardry region by November 30th, 2023. After that date no one will be allowed to enter the region or the class except for the students who previously enrolled.