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OSFest is user friendly, for all levels of ability.
Event Organizer Shelenn says: " Some thoughts for those planning on participating as exhibitors or merchants...
Builders and Creators in SL/OS, did you know how you build matters when it comes to accessibility? Did you know some users with visual, cognitive, and motor challenges use a viewer named Radegast? The Radegast viewer has an option to "read" the object name field of every object and its parts to the user. The number of disabled users in Virtual Worlds is a much higher percentage than in the offline global population. When a build is not accessible, it is painfully obvious and unusable for many.
When creating content for SL/OS, please make your builds accessible by:
1) Properly naming all parts (so Radegast does not blabber on meaningless information like primitive, primitive, primitive... or object, object, object...). Not properly naming parts disables others who need them described for them. Review your existing builds. TIP: If you have a linkset with many parts that take a long time to rename, you can right click the linkset to edit, select edit linked parts, then give them all (parts not used by scripts) the same name.
2) Scripting cues as in when building and scripting your scenes, people who cannot hear well need visual cues and people who cannot see well need aural cues. Providing aural cues for visual events and visual cues for aural events in your builds via scripting is practicing accessibility by design and makes them more immersive for everyone!"
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