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Le Beau Retrouve - The Beautiful Find

An Art Gallery for Open Sim Artists, Photographers, Sculptors, and any other art form folks can come with in virtual.
If you would like to have your work shown, please contact Star Ravenhurst or Lavia Lavine for a portfolio review. The Grand Opening will be announced soon and everyone is invited!

On April 9th, the Board of Directors convened and resolved to augment its membership by two individuals, thereby ensuring a quorum. Subsequently, it was unanimously decided to extend membership offers to Unadecal Masala and Roland Francis. I am pleased to confirm that both candidates graciously accepted, and on April 11th, our inaugural board meeting took place, yielding fruitful outcomes.

The newly appointed board members will undertake pivotal responsibilities, including reviewing and adjudicating art submissions, voting on prospective projects, and contributing to strategic decisions concerning the gallery's operations. Additionally, they will engage in various board-related duties.

To foster creativity, we are excited to announce the integration of a dedicated workspace within the gallery premises, facilitated by a small sim. This space will serve as a collaborative hub for artists, providing an opportunity for mutual encouragement, support, and artistic synergy within the Open Sim community.

We extend heartfelt congratulations to Una and Roland on their appointments. Your expertise and commitment will undoubtedly enrich our board, and we eagerly anticipate your contributions.

Sodasullivan: Great news! I know that Mr. Masala has been a huge supporter of my creative endeavors, and I am excited about what sounds like a very exciting project. (Also nice to see elf representation on the boar... 4 days ago

Trees Planted.

LaviaLavine: ::peaks:: 12 days ago

GlennXpletive: I knew I shouldn't have eaten that eggs, bacon and bowl of Lucky Charms this morning. ;-p 14 days ago

First meeting of the Board Of Directors. We are getting close! Lavia Lavine and Ms. Kal. Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey and the members of the BOD. Countdown...

Are you an artist, photographer, or sculptor in the realm of Open Sim? If so, I extend a warm invitation to showcase your exceptional creations at Le Beau Retrouve, my forthcoming art gallery.

With only a few spaces left to adorn with your art, and ample room for sculptures both within the gallery and amidst the surrounding landscapes — whether along winding paths or visible from the tranquil rivers — there's boundless opportunity for your work to captivate and inspire.

Given the limited availability, I encourage you to reach out at your earliest convenience to explore the possibility of featuring your art in our opening exhibits. Please note, we're currently excluding AI-generated art for a future showcase.

Rest assured, you maintain full ownership of your creations. Rather than relinquishing them, I kindly request that you personally arrange their display upon joining our group. Moreover, you need not be confined to the same grid to participate and showcase your artistry.

As we anticipate our Grand Opening Party, complete with a lively DJ and festivities aplenty, I'm excited for the vibrant community that will converge to celebrate creativity and expression.

In preparation, please have a brief biography ready, providing insight into yourself and your artistic journey. Feel free to include landmark coordinates to your region or grid, as well as links to websites or any additional resources showcasing your portfolio.

Isn't this thrilling? I'm genuinely passionate about art and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you. Looking forward to connecting soon!

Aurora Starchild: Oooooh amazing project! 1 month ago

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