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Wyldwood Bayou
14 Users 31 16 14th
Wyldwood Bayou on DiscoveryGrid is home to Rockin' the Blues, our main venue, and our speciality venues, Bayou Belle Riverboat, Hot Daddy's Dance Dock and Lady...
Lbsa Plaza
11 Users 109 34 1st
OSgrid.org Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter ava...

0 Users 36 likes 10 comments A

SimGEAR Space Port - A galaxy of wonders to explore. Featuring custom content you will not find anywhere else in Opensim. Check out our roller coaster simulator, IMBRIUM INFERNO on Ozone's Moon. This simulator features explicit content and therefore we will only allow adult avatars.

All Saints Ballroom
9 Users 2 2 485th
The best in ballroom musicians and Djs The All Saints Ballroom where you can dance the night away to live singers and DJ's playing your favorite Big Band & Jaz...
Masons island
6 Users 12 4 22nd
Set's Every Sunday & Tuesday 6-8 at Club Mason- we Rotate between 5 venues , We Also Have Dune's , Mountain Climbing , a Harbor With Free Rentals for New Comers...
5 Users 61 0 18th
ADULTS MALE ONLY! Satyr's Cove. A friendly region for bi / gay men to hang out, with lots of corners to explore. ---- NEW TO OPENSIM / COMING FROM S...
Happy Hour!A
5 Users 0 0 288th
Electronic and Chill music, come and enjoy.
Fashionistas island
4 Users 23 0 3rd
http://opensim.byethost9.com/ Sweeties if you are coming from your outworldz.net homegrid, i can do nothing for your issue killing the connection almost a mi...
Shinobar Annex
4 Users 23 14 4th
Outfits for Ruth 2 mesh body and classic avatars. Scripts for vehicles, tour ride. NPC dance balls, animated mesh, bar equipment. Enjoy shopping by bonus $, ...
Glamour Isle Welcome Center
3 Users 47 29 6th
Welcome area of Party Destination Grid. Enjoy your stay. We have seasonal events, shops and all sorts of activities to be enjoyed !
Red Dragon Nite Club
3 Users 12 0 33rd
The notorious 紅 Red Dragon 龍 Nite Club. The Biggest Dance Club build in the Metaverse. Shops, Travel center, Clubs, Cinema's, Conference center, and more. ...
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