Islands dreams
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Welcome to Kitty's Retreat on VWZ Grid. On This Tropical Adult Region We Offer A Nice Large Selection Of Free Swimwear For Both Men & Women. Mermaid Outfits ...
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Welcome to Heiwa. Heiwa is a Japanese themed island. You're welcome to hang out. Treat each other with respect !

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The Shining World Of the Seven Systems: Gallifrey. Our take on the legendary planet. Always being added to, More cities coming. Please enjoy what we have now, and we hope you will find it pleasing, all done with love! :)

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Little French village for Dinkielovers. Freebie fashions and stuff for our sweet and beloved kitties.
VWZ Welcome
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Welcome region Virtual Worlds Zone
Vintage Garden
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Enjoy the magical world of imagination, a peacefull fantasy place.
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Hosted on Virtual-Worlds-Zone, my eclectic little region, with bumper cars, boats, go-kart indoor track. Everyone welcome, everything is set to copy, if not, ju...
Golden Age
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Artistic impressions of a golden virtual life. Which means I am in the virtual worlds for almost 15 years (SL and OS) and showing what you can do with your own...
Wonderland Madness
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Madness in creativity, and idea by Avia Bonne 2019, made in Foundation grid with my alt Yara Qui. Special thanks to Chilli Bean, Caprica Cylon & Ethan Meshe...
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Jazz club
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