VWZ Welcome
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Welcome region Virtual Worlds Zone
Little Heaven
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Little Heaven is a Sim to have fun. Free Parcels, Beach ( Nude or Swimwear ), little Shops and more. No Skyboxes. Come, feel free and enjoy. No Child Avi´s

EQG Club Equinox
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With Events Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, all starting at 2pm GT, Club Equinox is meant to be neutral ground, where Everyone is welcome, except, of course, child avatars. Also, find us on Discord: Website:

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Jazz club
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Welcome to Heiwa. **Under reconstruction** Heiwa is a Japanese themed island. There is a display with erotic art. You can sail, chill with friends at t...
Habibi Paradise
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Un pequeño paraíso en el que puedes bailar,charlar,hacer tus compras free y disfrutar de la magia del bellydance. Volvemos a comenzar desde cero ahora en Virtu...
Cozy Comforts World
0 Users 6 0 669th We have a party on every first Saturday of the month.... we present some artwork, have a DJ and maybe other show elements like perform...
Brazil Isle
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Pokemon in Open Sim Find 208 different Pokemon. You can find 5 different Pokeballs on the Sim in the Pokestops. Catch your Pokemon with the right Pokeball. ...
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Welcome at Sinners where you can make friends, meet, greet and have a good time! Make sure you bring sunshine ! Hugz If you are a DJ there is a streaming s...