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Tranquility the grid's first entry landing point. Grab some free avi stuff and ask about a free Resident Home until you decide on buying a region o...
Devon Countryside
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A flavour of the Devon countryside. This sim is connected to my other sim Devon Port so please do walk or fly over to see both.

Eros Tropical Island
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The first place of your arrival to Eros Resort. As we continue to grow our weekly events will be held here. You have a small sandbox available as well as some starter avatars if this is your first visit. Come enjoy the friendly atmosphere and people here at Eros.

Devon Port
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A version of Teignmouth in South Devon UK. This sim is connected to my other sim Devon Countryside so please do walk or fly over to see both.
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Home Open to Hyper Grid This Evening and Every Thursday Evenings I will be Performing Live at The Pier, Tranquility Grid Region: The Pier tranquility-life.i...
Fantasy Island
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Tranquility Grid's official formal and wedding region. This labour of love has been recently renovated (May 2019) and looks so cute and romantic! The first wedd...
Trail Riders
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** OPENED SUNDAY 30TH JUNE 2019 ** Trail Riders is a place to explore on horseback, trails cover the 2x2 region where you can ride alone or together on one hor...
Hot Springs Park
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This is a remake of the old Carny Park. Reduced Scripting, no lag on a single region rather then a 2x2. A very serene hot springs area to sit in just hover mous...