The Pier
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This is Tranquility Grid's main hang out club. Events here are held Sundays till Thursdays. The Pier II is attached to this region and it is also as Adult regio...
The Spoiled Diva Freebie Store
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I have it all right here for your shopping needs. Clothes, furniture, homes, games, shoes. Everything you need right here in one place. This is my second VAR. I...

Opensim Memorial Gardens
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~~~ Forever In Our Hearts~~~ New to virtual -- have your ever lost a virtual friend and wanted a peaceful place to honor them? Our memorial gardens feature free plots to set up a memorial for your friend or loved one, and at no cost. Members can use a memorial kit to set their plot. If you...

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A peaceful place for all to Enjoy !
Fallout Shelter
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Fallout Shelter is a underground bunker where music is helping save lives in the apocalypse.
The Pier II
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The Pier II is connected to The Pier Club. It has a beach to hang out on, a clothing optional section. All of the Mesh Body FREEBIES and Build Stuff can be foun...