Yosemite Village
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Information and Teleports. 16 sims in 4 regions, this is an ongoing build of Yosemite Valley and it's surrounding mountains with its Water Falls, Domes & Peaks,...
Seaside Karaoke
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socializing and fun times with friends!! adult sim ,,no child avatars!!

Nefertari Beach Resort
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Nefertari Beach Resort is Relaxing Hangout in Digiworldz for those who enjoy scenic sandy beaches, swimming , boating, driving, and a bit of Egypt. Take a teleporter to the Racetrack for a few good races. Also check out our 5 Star Resort Hotel & visitors may utilized our Five levels of amenities i...

The Mojo II
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Now Open - A Blues Night Club and Beach Party, All Blues All the time, sploder, dancing and great tunes. feel free to visit anytime.
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The place to do your shopping, and to site see. It's only a short walk from Welcome
The Edge of Reality Public Ballroom
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A place for formal occasions
Bossy Boots Memorial Gardens
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a memorial park to remember all those who we have lost! This is to include anyone from opensims! Just ask and we will allow those who wish to place a memorial ...
Teddy's Home Stead
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a place to get away from it all, go camping, fishing, boating, and swimming. Just a place to visit.