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Hope Island
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Many more of Club-locations

The Promise Land
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Jerusalem has been known as the City of David for more than 3,000 years as God has continued to keep the memory of His servant David alive for many generations. There is also a close association between King David and Jesus Christ, the Son of David. Both were born in Bethlehem and died in Jerusalem....

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A Little Part of Sweden in Pangea
Cyber Ferkel
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A Cyberpunk themed place just to hang out or roleplay. Using the advanced lightning model and night is recommended.
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Virtuelles Koeln
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¸.•*¨ღ¨*•.¸Medieval in Pangea grid! ¸.•*¨ღ¨*•.¸ This region has many small places that invite you to explore, find secret places, relax and take photos... ...
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Last time in space!!! Stardate 2378, behind the Orion belt, in the Pangea universe: Dear logbook, I just escaped the collision of two planets, there I hi...
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Lovely swedish waterworld. You can drive a pedal boat (714,504,21) or use the ferry in habour (694,581,23). More to come
Porky Party Pangea
0 Users 9 0 897th ☺FUN PARTY☺ *PANGEA LÄSST DIE SAU RAUS* DJ MARLON TIME: Freitag, 20.05., um 20:00 UHR ( 11:00 PDT ) TAXI: pange...
Mangrove Cove
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A part old, part cyber mangrove swamp phantasy world to hang around. Full of moving Animesh and ambience sounds it gives a life feeling. Using advanced lightnin...
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