NHG Welcome Center
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Bring in your friends & make some new ones. Podex kiosks are available for your NH$ purchases BUT most items are FREE in New Hope. Check out the Events stage wh...
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the Hoia Baciu forest is finished and there will be regular events now, the naked beach is also finished and the town with the shops is still under construction...

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Gleobit shopping region with decor and full perm textures. We do have some freebie items if you look around :D

New Hope Entertainment
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New Hope Grid is Home to live music, live musicians, and vocalists! It is the heartbeat of music in opensim! If you like music, you need to come check this grid...
New Hope Newbie Island
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Shopping for Newbies and "Oldies" alike. Freebies, men's & women's bodies, heads, clothing, gadgets & dance balls. System Avatars & clothing available also.
New Hope Shopping
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Merchant Shops at New Hope Shopping region now available for FREE. Come check out some of your favorite creators from across the metaverse.
Country Living
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New Hope Grid Country Living Saloon Live Artists / Dj's
Entertainment V
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Entertainment V New Hope Grid - Music Diner - Bowling - Roller Skating.
Four Seasons Ballroom
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Live Performers DJ's - Jazz - Ballroom - Standards.
Southern Bayou
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Dock Of The Bay is a wonderful place to listen to some great tunes by live singers and DJ's, as well as the radio... Singles and couple dancing, family and fri...