Grid: Great Canadian Grid

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Aurora is a 4x4 that takes its theme from Northern Ontario. Seasons are played, and we are now into spring! There are a couple areas severed from Aurora sim. Ge...
GCG Welcome
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The Great Canadian Grid! We are back and better than ever! You may need to teleport directly first then go to the region once you arrive in GCG. Put http:...

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Adults only freebies shop and fun. Nudity is allowed at the sea front and in the Adult games giant tree. Adult Furniture and games are free to use for all, no need to join any group. Use the teleporter inside the shop to tp to the hidden parts.

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Horse Riding Park - Park with several horse riding trails on one large island - Campsite social area and free riding horses. Either horse rezzer or free mesh ri...
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A waterpark/beach region with: FREE rentals, horseback riding, fishing, shopping, picnicking, swimming, water slides, dancing, games, tiki bar, food, and hot t...
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Right now it's a little winter region with just a house. May add more later.
GCG Speedway RockinRoller
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Anyone out there who loves the genre of the days Rollerskating and listinening to disco era and early 80's this is the place to be! You may need to teleport ...
The Forest Lady
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Forest still under construction adventure path, all kinds of people live in the forest including pixies
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This region is for everyone who enjoys the freedom of experiencing an open-minded lifestyle. Whether you're out to dance, chat or just wanting to have fun and ...