Welcome Area
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Welcome to Breath GreekLife Grid it is free come join us meet new friends and have fun!!!!!
The Pier
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Openly known as a The Pier Club has a few hotspots where alike can enjoy a wild night of clubbing. fun playlist House Bluse Live singers techno, mainstream mu...

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A lush and beautiful tropical island with some housing and stunning beaches. Feel free to hang out here and use the facilities. No Rules. No Drama. [ Adult Rated ] You can rezz here. Sandbox platform available. OS Grid. If you are a good builder and want to join this tropical themed community we hav...

Pan's Paradise
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Norse cosmology divided the universe into nine realms. The center of the universe was the great world-tree Yggdrasil and the nine realms either spread out from ...
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All are welcome, a fun place for music, gaming, romance dancing, and fun. LGBTQ and all around friendly for all
Devon Countryside
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A flavour of the Devon countryside . This sim is connected to my other sim Devon Port, do walk or fly to see both. New: Scottish Highlands built on a sky plat...
Devon Port
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A version of Teignmouth in South Devon UK . This sim is connected to my other sim Devon Countryside, please do walk or fly over to see both. Look for the woode...
The Pier BallRoom
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Greek Goddess of Dance. Red Velevt carpets flow across the dance floor. Dance across the ballroom floor, with the cityscape out the windows. Violet and black d...